Saturday, May 31, 2008

Places to Go AND Toys to Play With!!

I just love a good toy and this one is the best!

You get 5 gorgeous camera hats in the box (black, brown, red, white and pink). Wear it and click on it. It leaves your head and goes to check out whatever your own camera is looking at. So the next time you go to an event, click on the hat and then zip your camera over to check out the guy across the room!! How fun is that?

This means hat head is not acceptable. No trimming your hair to fit into this hat or you'll just look odd when the hat leaves your head. I found this hairstyle to fit beautifully and it was already in my closet.

The Camera Hat is $400L but well worth it. There are 2 gadget hats in the store, be sure you get the right one (but I love the Topter Hat too)

While at Curio Obscura, check out that freebie table!!! You wont regret it. I just love toy shops:)

As for the dress, the lushness on the texture drew me. The dress has such a beautiful flow.
Such a delicate look from Silent Sparrow on this one.

Hat - Curio Obscura, Camera Hat
Dress - ~silentsparrow~, (sea) seraph suite
Hair - CAKE, Wish
Skin - *blowpop* Tuesday Honey 3b

Now for all the Explorers out There - these are places I have been to this week - have fun!
Alice Virtual Racing - for sports fans
Living Jungle & Pirates Cove -
Sick -
The Shrine of Cthulhu - for your dark side
The World - (roleplay)
Lost Island -

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