Monday, January 21, 2008


Well now i feel ...well, let's just say a little dense. I found that my settings were wrong at Vignette and people (including friends) were having trouble getting in. Well thanks to the the handy help of Kyle Linden, i am open to everyone now! So please feel free to stop by.

The link is to your right "Vignette".

Thanks Kyle!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vignette - New Stuff!

After a month of planting trees and setting up cuddles, cabins and a new set of furniture, Vignette is open for visitors!

Vignette – Yes! A NEW store name. I had used the name Serendipity for a long time, but decided a change was in order. Why?? Serendipity was just about the furniture….

Vignette is not just about the furniture, but about the themes and stories behind the furniture.

As an example, I have a new Mission/Craftsman set (check out the great pictures). As I placed the furniture in the store I wondered about the year it could have been made. Pretty much anytime between 1910 and 1950, so I choose the 1930s. The accessories in the room reflect the time period.

and much more to come…

I am very excited about the concept. As I finish up some of the 1930s decorating accessories – I will move on the other rooms and tell their stories.

Where are the accessories? I will highlight some very soon - or if you like come on out and take a look:)