Saturday, May 31, 2008

Places to Go AND Toys to Play With!!

I just love a good toy and this one is the best!

You get 5 gorgeous camera hats in the box (black, brown, red, white and pink). Wear it and click on it. It leaves your head and goes to check out whatever your own camera is looking at. So the next time you go to an event, click on the hat and then zip your camera over to check out the guy across the room!! How fun is that?

This means hat head is not acceptable. No trimming your hair to fit into this hat or you'll just look odd when the hat leaves your head. I found this hairstyle to fit beautifully and it was already in my closet.

The Camera Hat is $400L but well worth it. There are 2 gadget hats in the store, be sure you get the right one (but I love the Topter Hat too)

While at Curio Obscura, check out that freebie table!!! You wont regret it. I just love toy shops:)

As for the dress, the lushness on the texture drew me. The dress has such a beautiful flow.
Such a delicate look from Silent Sparrow on this one.

Hat - Curio Obscura, Camera Hat
Dress - ~silentsparrow~, (sea) seraph suite
Hair - CAKE, Wish
Skin - *blowpop* Tuesday Honey 3b

Now for all the Explorers out There - these are places I have been to this week - have fun!
Alice Virtual Racing - for sports fans
Living Jungle & Pirates Cove -
Sick -
The Shrine of Cthulhu - for your dark side
The World - (roleplay)
Lost Island -

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sock Hops

What to wear?

The Green/White Outfit:

Dress - Total Betty *Poodles* (freebie form the Retrology Egg Hunt) I did not wear the belt with it but dang, I liked the outfit better without it.
Hair - ETD Sadie - Golden
Skin - :GP: Classic-Vex. This is a skin fair skin that has not been put in her main store yet. I, like others would love to have them available in her main store. I would absolutely buy an entire collection of these skins. ***** Five Stars! If you are interested in other skins of hers (which I will happily always wear and is my signature skin, head to the Gala Skin store
Shoes -
Maitreya Slinky Stiletto (freebie)

The Black/White Outfit:

Dress - Ivalde, Sandy (several colors available)
Skin - LF CHAI Skin -Ginger- Alloy
Hair - ETD Sadie - Chestnut
Shoes - Maitreya Slinky Stiletto (freebie)

Another poodle skirt i wanted to find was at Steller Designs. I know she put one out recently. Honestly, I have been to the store 3 times.....but have had no luck in finding it:(

Well, off to fix my Tube-O-Rama!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I have a new found respect for hair designers/makers.

I was looking for a challenge so I spent the weekend building. I can build furniture and structures, so what was next on my list?

Hair – OMG – Hardest thing I have ever tried to build. No, I am NOT going to wearing it. Not until it looks like people hair!

Problems I ran into:
  • Texture - Ah! I have to make them (complete photoshop newb) Well, at least need to make one color for now. That was hard (alphas and layers). Yes, there are instructions out there, but still – made me curse like a sailor).
  • Torus’s - So THAT’S what you do with them. I bow to all the torus masters out there. This is truly a prim that causes pain.
  • Hey wait – I thought my head was symmetrical!
  • Isn’t there something out there that will help me mirror a prim. You know, I tuck a hair on one side, but I want the other side to match. It is not as simple as rotating a prim
  • I was trying to run before I could walk. Make a simple bun or ponytail to begin with

Although I did make 2 hairs, just think. I need how many colors of hair? Wow – hair builders deserve the Linden they make!!!

This practice is gonna take forever!!

Shirt - Artilleri, Darla
Skin - Tuli - Celeste [light/1] ~ dawn (freckled) Group freebie!!!) Join the group and check notices.
Retro Shorts - 1/4 Life Crisis - High-Rise Shorts - $225L is a bit pricey for one pair of shorts, but dang! glade i gave in:) These are everyday keepers for me.
Shoes - AKEYO, chucks
Hair - BP* mitsuami hair, Pompa braid (the BP stands for Bettie Page) Love it! Wish there were more colors!!!

The retro shorts are amazing, at least stop by for a look (take a closer look at my photo up there). The little painted details are crisp and clean. The scripted prim cuffs are the best I have seen yet. They absolutely hug the leg without messy hemlines showing from underneath and to be honest - they go with tons of stuff in my wardrobe. I would like to see this one in a few more colors like brown, blue or red puleeeezze.

As for the Tuli freebie - get it get it get it. As soon as I get $3000L in my pocket the Celeste packet is mine!

The Bettie Page hair is a winner for the reto look. Dang - I would have bought a fat pack but she only had the one color.

BIG UPDATE - The retro shorts have just been released in blue, brown, red, green and purple!! A big hug to Devotchka Dagger for being so kind and having such a great sense of style.

Off to explore!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Speaking of Exploring

Have you ever given any thought as to where you WOULDN'T go in Second Life? I have.

Top places I won't go to:

1. GOR Sims (which is a shame cuz I hear they have some beautiful Sims). I hear they don't allow women like me there.

2. Femdom Sims - They just scare the hell out of me!

3. Ponygirl Sims - This one is like watching a kinky trainwreck.

4. Camping Malls - You get to a popular mall and oh noooo...tons-o-campers. Avoid like the plague.

Outfit -Bare Rose, Over the Rainbow
Shoes - Lassitude & Ennui, Traveller Boots
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Blossom 3
Hair - Refuge: Chloe - Pitch Black

Now off to explore the places i WOULD go to:)


Jazz Age

Good morning all!

Not all women in the 20's wore cute little flapper dresses. In fact, the 1920's must have been massive confusion for many designers.

This soft, feminine, flowing dress was truly the most popular style of the time. Sure, flapper dresses were popular, but flapper girls were considered a bit , how shall i put it.....loose.

Let's talk hemlines. I picked up this information over at Fashion-Era:

The Elusive Hemline of the 1920s.

Gradually by degrees the skirt lengths on dresses gave the illusion of being first long and then shorter with dipping, scalloped and handkerchief hemlines in floating fabrics. It was only in 1925 that skirts rose 14 to 16 inches (45 to 50 cm) from the ground making the shorter hemline we associate with the era.

*Wow - From the handkerchief hemline to the length, this dress captures that description perfectly! If I was to pick an exact year, I would say this in 1925.

BTW - As you slip the dress on, you may want to wear your system skirt shape.

The hat was actually from another stunning 20's outfit (Spring Time Jazz dress) , over at Silver Rose Designs. Yuriko Muromachi has also captured the 20's look incredibly well. I simply backed up my copy of the hat and re textured it a nice distressed brown. Love this sculpty shape - great floppy look without going overboard.

The hair was a great - I only had to trim 2 strands! Be sure you make a backup before cutting your hair. This short style was soft and touchable.

The skin is new. Yes, Lorac Farella at Pulse has taken the plunge and created skins! They are worth a look. I was very happy to see 4 skins in my package. Yes, frecked skin was in the pack, but listen to this....3 nipple color choices!!! (all included) .

My two pet peeves with skin are lips and nipples and she has done a great job with both. She is still learning, but she has made an impressive start. Stop by and check out these demos.

Dress - Ivalde, Skirlaug Salmon (4 great colors to choose from)
Hat - Comes with Spring Time Jazz at Silver Rose Designs
Shoes - Shiny Things, Tuxedo Pump (khaki)
Hair - Comme il faute (Bossa Nova), Annette (raven)
Skin - NEW!! from Pulse, Pulse Skin1

Location - Vignette

Well, off to do some shopping woohoo!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Date Night!

Ok, it's not the weekend yet but I thought, what the heck - let's explore! Every once in awhile I like to suggest places to visit. It's time to add the following to my list of Places:

Bentham, Haunted Mansion

Mostly Wicked at the Raft, Murder Mystery

Paradise Waterfalls & Landscaping (set your lights low) This is a shopping/landscaping Sim but very nice water features!

URBANITY - Romance your Second Life (lovely club for dancing)

Heart Reef Resort - it may be a work in progress - but it is absolutely beautiful. Turn on midnight and give it time to rez.

Boston Harbor, Boston Light Lighthouse (based on a real place)

Casablanca Jazz Club, LOVE this kind of music! (dancing)

A note to all dance clubs - please limit the ads slapped about the walls - that kills the mood. If you feel you must have advertising like that in the club - try to make the adds fit in with the decor. How about putting the ads on a menu on the tables?

And now....what to wear?

I found this dress bit by accident, a very happy accident. Victorian dresses are so romantic and this one is no exception. Beautiful detail work in the front and the sculpted bustle is just right. I like the way the dress seems so layered in the front. The color was a real stand out for me - made me think of champaign.

I find it really difficult to find a great updo in sl. Not that they aren't out there, but they don't always look right on me. Rach Snookums over at Frangipani Designs gets most of my updo bucks. It's one of her newest releases and I'm proud to have it in my closet!

The jewelry was the cherry on this outfit. I rarely wear jewelry because good vintage pieces are not always easy to find. This cameo and earing set were made by the talented Saiyge Lotus.

Dress (comes in 3 beautiful colors), Secret Garden at DG Innovations
Hair - >FD Hair< href="">Frangipani Designs)
Jewelry - Balderdash-MEADOWLAR, and to the artist - Saiyge Lotus - beautiful work! (Demos are available to try on first:)
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Terre 1
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Intense II Light Green eyes (med)

Well, I'm off to explore -

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Being Mod

This is a Great 60's mod look!! Check out my new flip hair style and these slick shiny sculpted boots. I do wish the bottom of the boots came with the option to be brown or black, these are in brown only. Too sweet!- They sure pull off that go-go 60's look.

This fresh faced innocent look comes from Mallory Cowen over at Rac (now called Laqroki), and Lux Yao over at Amaretto created this cute little black dress. It's simple and yet it's such a classic style!

Hair - =Laqroki = Honey -Black
Skin - Laqroki (Laqroki = Rita 03)
Dress - [Amaretto] Boytrap
Boots - Slink Angelina Boots
Bangles - Schadenfreude Starlust Opening Bangles (free and tintable - can't get better than that!!)

I need to go out and find a few sixties sites - till next time:)


Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's Not Like I'm Naked!!

So I found this little fairy outfit and figured, what the heck, I'll revisit the Sims my Dryad character visited and see if i could still play:)

Well - I'm off to Avalon!

10 minutes later:
Dang - They tossed me out! The lady froze me and told me to cover up. Really, she did!! I told her I had been approved before. She said fae can come but not dressed like me:( *mumbles* Hmmm wonder if it was cuz a guy addressed me last time. I'll try another Sim and stand next to a woman. Rachel sulks and heads toward another Medieval/Fantasy sim.

Another 10 minutes later:
Well i am happy to say the ladies in The Kingdom of Azuria weren't offended by what I wore. I met a nice lady by the name of Porshilla Starr who was looking very fashionable - she was very helpful. Told me faes can dress as skimpy as they like..

Of course I then asked ask if I needed a weapon. She told me fae's don't need them (whew) off to snoop around a bit.

Well, I stand by a past statement - The men who role play are the best looking guys in SL. To be honest, I think the women are looking pretty attractive too. The male/female ratio in Azuria wasn't even, but it sure wasn't overly full of women like Midian tends to be.

As lost as I was, they were very patient. No one fussed at me!! I sat in the grass and watched them make battle plans.

If you love to go fairy - the AO I'm wearing tonight is a MUST:) - Ilse's Animations - Fairy AO

Hair - Maitreya, Eva-more - Copper
Skin - :GP: Classic-Sienna (at skin fair) (Love these Gala skins!)
Outfit - Summer Faerie at Coconut Ice, I have a hard time finding things at that store so I am including the slexchange location for Summer Faerie too:)

Well - off to explore!


Friday, May 16, 2008

How Many Times? Oh, and Date Night!!

Today I hope to do 2 blog entries today - One for beauty and romance and one just for the fun of it. This one is for him. I'm a very lucky girl (he and i have been together for over a year).

The jewelry I am wearing is from him (picked it all by himself). Check out that ring. Ok ladies - how many partner rings are in YOUR closet. I have three.....yes three, all from him. One each time we partnered:)) Ahh.. he's such a charmer.

I put on this lovely dress and wanted to go dancing, but unfortunately he's not on. So.... I may go looking for trouble instead:)

Looking for someplace to explore with your date? Try:

Garden of NPIRL Delights- Presented by Rezzable, four sims/islands to illustrate the Underworld, Earth, and Paradise. Ahhh...gotta love art like this! This blog can give you more information - Not Possible in Real Life

This one is small - but wow - and Electric Forest by Spiral Walcher

For history lovers i would like to suggest -
The Great Exhibition and

Antiquity Texas

For a bit more adventure, head to Beyond Imagination to Solve the mystery of the Zodiac Killer (this one is only up till the end of the month!!

Hair - ETD Anisa - Ebony
Shoes - Maitreya Verve Black Pumps
Dress - Ingenue - It's Magic
Wedding Ring - *EMJ* Platinum Perfect Love Woman's Diamond (another gift form him:)
Necklace - Dex's Jewelry, Heart necklace and earrings (a gift from him:)
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Sultry 3
Eyes - [E] Babydoll - Grrrrey!
Dark Grey Seamed Stockings by INSOLENCE

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sophisticated 50's

Today is a fine day - the beginning of a long weekend, daughter is home from school and my youngest is doing great:).

As for fashion - I wanted to show you this dress I picked up over at 1-800 BETTIE'S. I danced with a very nice gentleman who told me several times how much he liked the texture in the skirt. I must admit, it's downright luscious.

Please take the time to expand the photo and look closely at the texture. This photo simply does not do it justice. By the way, I just love getting two skirts in the bundle (yay!!!) The lace gives me that warm girlie feeling.

The only thing I wish was bit different were the gloves - for me the little details make a difference. I guess what I'd like to find would be black velvet gloves with little pearl buttons at the wrist. I like girlie girl stuff:))

The back of the neckline needed a little something to make it stand out, so off I went (with the help of the ladies at Fashion Emergency) to find a back necklace:). Caroline's had just what I was looking for!

The cherry on top, was the hair. It needed to be sophisticated and this style (Debutante) pulled the outfit together for me.

Hair - Ingenue ~ Debutante ~ noir black
Dress - 1-800 BETTIE'S, Comes in seven great colors!
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Lustrous 3
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Intense II Light Green eyes
Jewelry - Caroline's, Down the Back Black Pearl Necklace

Well, I saw a 60's outfit that that caught my eye - I'll let you know if it works out:). Till next time, Rachel

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Laura Petri

Yay! My computer is back up and running:) I did indeed loose all the textures on my hard drive, but on a positive does give me a fresh start. Ok, I'm TRYING to look at the positive!

Saw this the other day and I had to get it - This fun set reminded me of the old 60's reruns. You know the ones I'm talking about. The Dick Van Dyke Show, That Girl and the early Bewitched shows all had this certain style.

Flip hair and high waisted cigarette pants/capris - it doesn't get more 60's that that! Today it would be way too much hair maintenance for me but the ladies of the time did it with such great style. This particular hair is not flexi but that doesn't seem to bother me at all. I do recall this particular look took TONS of hairspray back in the day and I'll bet theirs didn't move much either:)

I love these tight fitting, high waisted Capri's (how retro billy!). The sweater top comes with the pants and is just perfect, but you can add almost any black shirt and look great.

I also wanted to point out this great new skin from Artilleri. Woohoo for group gifts!

Hair - Curl Up and Dye, Marlo Deep Black
Outfit - a piece of candy, Birdie
Jewelry - Encore, String Pearl Necklace, Pale 2.0
Skin - (if your in the Artilleri group it's already in your close/Artilleri/ Emi skin - Tan - Anettt)
Eyes - [E] Babydoll - Grrrrey!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Before I run off to to the great rose hunt, I wanted to show you this yummy dress from 1-800-Bettie's. I just knew classy could be fun and this outfit proves it! Summer Polka comes in purple, green, blue, white, black and of course pink (which I am wearing).

As I opened my box I was STUNNED! The hat/hair combo was in the box with the dress and the hair came in ALL four colors (black, brown, dark auburn and platinum). Of course the jewelry and the gloves were also in the box:)

I loved the little black lace along the hemline. That extra feminine touch goes a long way. Little things really do matter on a dress like this. Please, expand the photo and take a close look. You'll be glad you did.

All I needed to do was find some dark seamed stockings, put on a little makeup and throw on my heels and I was ready for the Retrology Hunt!

Honestly, this dress was absolutely worth the $375L. Sooo worth it!

Dress - 1-800-Bettie's
Skin -Belleza- Douceur pale Cateyes Sweet angel
Dark Grey Seamed Stockings by INSOLENCE

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Wiki - Machinima is an example of emergent gameplay, a process of putting game tools to unexpected ends, and of artistic computer game modification.

If you don't think you'll care for them - at least check out two - "The Dumb Man" and "Better Life". Amazing when you think they were made in Second Life.

Many games are used to create these types of films but I enjoy the little films made with Second Life. So grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy these little links.

Bells and Spurs
Comcastic Island Intro #2
The Grid Review - Episode Seven
The Right - in production
Better Life
Watch the World
The Dumb Man
Playing With The Greenies!

Hitler Explains Second Life Not machinima - but too funny to leave off.

I will be adding the above list to my links page on the right.

On to fashion - something about the Lolita look makes me feel all soft and feminine and a bit vulnerable.
I went to the store to look at their hair, WOW i felt like I won the jack pot with this beautifully textured dress.

Hair (Pimosi Hair) - Curious Kitties
Boots (Calf boots) - ETD,
Dress (SSur) - Curious Kitties

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Don't you love it when the a group freebie is this pretty? Hyasynth Tiramisu over at Silent Sparrow has outdone herself! As I slipped it on, I felt this stand out corset set needed just the right contrast to make it pop and I had just the skin that could do it.

This was a skin I bought at Another fundraiser (Which is no longer going on). You know, personally - I think this should be a year round Fundraiser. I loved that so many designers went outside their normal comfort zones and was absolutely thrilled at the great stuff they made. Let's do this one again sometime..please

This stunning hair is from Cake. I had seen another blogger mention it and I just had to try it on. My feet drug all the way to Cake. You see, I knew it was perfect, but unfortunately their prices are a bit steep. $375L for one color. We're not talking a little pack with 3 colors...noooooo, just one. A fat pack is *cough* $3000L. I stomped my feet and howled at the moon. Dang!! I couldn't resist and bought 3 colors.

Excellent job on the hair (Berlin)! Ladies, this one is worth the price. The curls bounce, the hair is full and the rich texture is perfect. It's absolutely beautiful!

Skin - *Nuclear Boutique* Skin: Passion (Another Fundraiser) 1
Coronis Corset - Silent Sparrow
Boots - Maitreya Dune Boots, Royal (a perfect match)
Hair - Cake - Berlin - Burgundy
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Shy Aqua Eyes

I'm off to explore,

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Quiet Night

I don't have much time to explore today - but thought I would mention this pretty little medieval dress from Kouse's Sanctum. This beautiful dress comes in seven rich jeweled colors.

As you look at the dress, notice the shadows under the breasts? As you zoom in close...they do become more obvious. Personally, I think they compliment the dress:)

I had not been to Kouse's before, nice stuff!. The store seems a little tricky to get to. Follow the landmark. As you land, you will be next to a menu. Teleport from that sign directly to the store.

Medieval hair styles are always tougher for me to find. I did think this hair style would fit several eras and luckily it doesn't do that weired prim eye lash trick. You know the matter how much you tug your hair out of the lash still peeks at you. It's always the blond and platinum hairs that do that. Drives me nuts!

Dress - Kouse's Sanctum, Enchanted Dream, Emerald (only $250L)
Hair - ETD Marisela II - Blonde
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Shy Jade Eyes
Jewelry -Coconut Ice - Fae-Jewel Necklace WG (petals change colors)
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Basic Nude 1

As we shout, tease and poke at each other over the internet, we sometimes forget it's an unforgiving media. Daily, we chatter about the game and it's participants in articles and blogs but wait, take a moment..and think.

So many of us didn't want to use "voice" in game, because typing allowed us a moment to pause before we responded. Yet as we step outside the game and run to our separate corners on the internet, we forget to pause. Family, friends and coworkers stumble about the internet. Surrrre, most of them don't know we have second lives, much less what our avi names are, but every once in awhile, they do.

I guess I'm quiet tonight because i hate seeing people not given a fair chance. *Sighs* Well, most people won't get what I'm talking about today, and that's ok. I know I'm rambling.

Hmm..did I take my medication today? Rachel heads toward the medicine cabinet.

Monday, May 5, 2008

1920's/Depression Schoolhouse

Hey!! A school house with character, really! This quaint 1920's school house could easily fit into other eras. It was modeled after the real thing. It's all mod and copy - so have some fun with it!

Schoolhouse: it has 2 rooms - I like to think of one room for the class and the other perhaps for administration or a lab. The center wall separates the 2 rooms but I have left a small space at the top of the wall to allow for easy camera maneuvers. The front and back entry ways to the school have great steps which would allow for a variety of scenarios. Come out and see the place before you buy if you like! (117 prim). To buy the set or see more photos, visit SLExchange OR visit Vignette to see the real thing!

The box includes 7 desks - all with a different pose. These old desks were meant to hold 2 students each, but in mosts of the desks i have placed one pose and you are encouraged to find another fun pose in sl to go next to it. (21 prim each and worth it) Take a look at the photos - the benches are built in. These may be bought at Vignette at 100L$ ea, but in this packet you get all 7 for some variety. A teachers desk in not included.

Oh yes - had to have them - but they are removable. They go up to President Coolidge (2 prim)

Chalkboard - great eye candy! It is not scripted but adds tons of personality and sets a great mood. (3 prim)

This package is the whole deal. whether setting up for a student class or adult education / continuing education classes, this set should be looked at. $800L for everything listed above is a real deal:)

If you do stop by - look about - I'm almost done with a great little jazz club in the 1920's - It's hidden underground nearby. The site is open to everyone - feel free to bring a date.

Vintage School house at Vignette

Sunday, May 4, 2008

On a Lighter Note

Ok, time to post a fashion blog. This is a tricky way to redirect. The Lindens think we fall for this sort of ploy.....Silly Lindens.

I'm gonna try anyway:))

Check out this dress. It comes with an amazing 3 skirt attachments!! The gown skirt, the slim skirt, and the full skirt (this is the one that pokes out at the hip). I've seen the skirts that poke out at the hip before in game. Why do they do that - is it a fashion thing I don't know about?

Regardless, I love this medieval dress! Plenty of detail in the bodice to feast our eyes on. Want a cherry on top? How's this's only $100L. Can you believe it?? Sure, she does have other colors available, but this one, Maiden, Royal Gold, is only $100L.

This stunning necklace - I don't see how she does it! Even if I zoom in all the way, it's all so tiny, my eyes go fuzzy. It's a piece of art.

Hair - ETD, Karen
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Paon 2
Medieval Dress - Defleur, Entanglement Set
Jewelry - Balderdash- Entanglement

Friday, May 2, 2008

Complaining, no - Venting...naw, Bitching!!

I just read the post at Shopping Cart Disco (and it's many responses) regarding the Cotton Candy Catastrophe. I'm going to run the risk of playing a little devil's advocate. I think unprofessional behavior ran both ways.

Sim Owner:

Tessy Kaos - It is her land, before, during and after this event. Like it or not. I have not read her rental rules - but I'm sure Cate read them. If Marsellus didn't, he should have. Most sim owners have a clear policy about returns. Tessy seems to have no argument with any of the shop owners (as far as I can tell).

She had a problem with the Managers of that particular property. Did she have a right to keep the rent? Seems she was getting a portion from the managers. It would have been considered professional courtesy to return her portion of the unused rents. If the Managers were getting a rent portion, they also should show the same courtesy to the shop owners and return their portion of the shop owners rent. Customers (shop owners) should always come first.

The entire situation with Kaos, Cate and Marsellus should have been handled discreetly behind closed doors.

Copies - hmmm.. (so shoot me now) a teacher often told me creative copying is the sincerest form of flattery. If the other kids like the way you color, they may copy you. I honestly think Tessy Kaos didn't mean any harm. Could it be possible she just wanted to keep the store owners happy by not having a drastic change? She had already made up her mind that the Managers were dropping the ball and a change was going to take place. Maybe.... but unfortunately, coping hurts a lot of people in the game. It is never to be taken lightly. So to me, in cases like this it's very important to hear both sides). I haven't heard either, so I wont take sides here.

Tessy seems to have had a knee jerk reaction and started tearing down the mall. The shop owners deserved more notice, it would have been common courtesy. I see she has extended the move out time. Honestly, I don't think she's the enemy here, but she is a tad impulsive:)) Is she a thief? - no. Well, it depends on what she posted in her original covenant. Most Sim owners are pretty good at covering their asses.

Sim Mall Managers:

Cate Dollinger - Mall Manager, Question is - was she professional about it? Sure she was, but, something happened. Cate left, no doubt with a very good reason. Was this a play business for her, or a real one? Did she act professionally in the end? Honestly? No, she didn't.

Marsellus Bombast - Same question. Is this a real or play business, (profitable or not) for him? The fact is, communication can mean everything in business (real or play). If he knew about this incident (Cate leaving and the manager schuffle) for several days and didn't tell the sim owner, that was unprofessional. As soon as he found out there was a change in management - Tessy Kaos should have been the first person he notified. She has 100% interest in what is going on at her sim all times. Problem is, she found out all of this not from Marcellus, but from others. If a Manager jumps ship, the CEO better find out what's going on before the rest of the staff does.

I heard he was gone a few days and and he was taken by surprise too. Hell, everyone gets time off every once in awhile:). BUT, the minute you walk back in the door, it's time to be a professional again.

As for all those comments under the article. Some were not well thought out at all.

Example - Was it unprofessional that Tessy took an hour to respond to an im? Well it did take Marsellus days to report anything to Tessy. it at all fair to say that a one hour delay makes Tessy the unprofessional one? This is not rocket science.

Example - Who started the conversation between Tessy and Marsellus? Ok - I'm picking on this one cuz it was too funny. Tessy could EASILY have started the conversation in question by leaving him the first im. He probably wasn't on when she tried to reach him. He logs on, sees that she had tried to contact him.... and "hey" . What a petty reason to call someone delusional.

I also saw a comment which was made with great passion "
either bring mars back to run it or we all leave and tell everyone we know what happened when we tried to talk to you."
Well, that is bulling - plain and simple. Tessy doesn't want Marsellus back and as a business professional, has good reasons for cutting her ties. Let her be the CEO she has to be in this situation.

Lastly, the destruction of the mall itself. There are people who build for the love of the art. Cotton Candy was built with love. Speaking from my own past experience in the game, the builders are certainly crushed. I wish there was a way to make this right. This all happened because of a lack of communication.

So for all the passionate, impulsive, drama loving people of SL - This place would not be nearly as fun without you. Oh, and a few bloggers fit into that category too!!