Monday, May 5, 2008

1920's/Depression Schoolhouse

Hey!! A school house with character, really! This quaint 1920's school house could easily fit into other eras. It was modeled after the real thing. It's all mod and copy - so have some fun with it!

Schoolhouse: it has 2 rooms - I like to think of one room for the class and the other perhaps for administration or a lab. The center wall separates the 2 rooms but I have left a small space at the top of the wall to allow for easy camera maneuvers. The front and back entry ways to the school have great steps which would allow for a variety of scenarios. Come out and see the place before you buy if you like! (117 prim). To buy the set or see more photos, visit SLExchange OR visit Vignette to see the real thing!

The box includes 7 desks - all with a different pose. These old desks were meant to hold 2 students each, but in mosts of the desks i have placed one pose and you are encouraged to find another fun pose in sl to go next to it. (21 prim each and worth it) Take a look at the photos - the benches are built in. These may be bought at Vignette at 100L$ ea, but in this packet you get all 7 for some variety. A teachers desk in not included.

Oh yes - had to have them - but they are removable. They go up to President Coolidge (2 prim)

Chalkboard - great eye candy! It is not scripted but adds tons of personality and sets a great mood. (3 prim)

This package is the whole deal. whether setting up for a student class or adult education / continuing education classes, this set should be looked at. $800L for everything listed above is a real deal:)

If you do stop by - look about - I'm almost done with a great little jazz club in the 1920's - It's hidden underground nearby. The site is open to everyone - feel free to bring a date.

Vintage School house at Vignette

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