Sunday, May 4, 2008

On a Lighter Note

Ok, time to post a fashion blog. This is a tricky way to redirect. The Lindens think we fall for this sort of ploy.....Silly Lindens.

I'm gonna try anyway:))

Check out this dress. It comes with an amazing 3 skirt attachments!! The gown skirt, the slim skirt, and the full skirt (this is the one that pokes out at the hip). I've seen the skirts that poke out at the hip before in game. Why do they do that - is it a fashion thing I don't know about?

Regardless, I love this medieval dress! Plenty of detail in the bodice to feast our eyes on. Want a cherry on top? How's this's only $100L. Can you believe it?? Sure, she does have other colors available, but this one, Maiden, Royal Gold, is only $100L.

This stunning necklace - I don't see how she does it! Even if I zoom in all the way, it's all so tiny, my eyes go fuzzy. It's a piece of art.

Hair - ETD, Karen
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Paon 2
Medieval Dress - Defleur, Entanglement Set
Jewelry - Balderdash- Entanglement


Anonymous said...

great tip..I ran right over and got my elven self that dress...sweet!!

Rachel said...

hey thanks! I noticed she did have a few more over there for that price if you look - but this one was too hard to resist:)!