Friday, February 29, 2008

The Goodies!

I honestly think nothing shows off the SL shape better than highwaisted skirts and pants. I love the pretty little buttons and double seems on this halter? If anyone does this kind of look better than artilleri - I want to know!! I also am wearing her ever-cute LuLu bracelets AND the Dayna v2 Hairstyle to compliment the look

This is a new skin for me - the Hybrid III. I do have a bit of a pet peeve with skins and that is the back..i want to see proper definition in the back..and this skin has to have the prettiest back i have seen in sl.

For the eyes i went with Sin Skin for eyes - arrggg..they own me at that store - the eyes are soft and sexy.

Last but not least check out these pumps!!! NEW at ETD and only $175L each. It was a perfect match.

Shoes (Heel Strap Platforms, emerald) - ETD
Skin (Hybrid III, Spring Face 12) (also wearing the lashes and light included in the pack!!)- Nevermore
Skirt (Ingrid Highwaist Mini skirt, green), Shirt (Annie, Yellow), Bracelet (Lulu, green), Hair (Dayna v2) Artilleri
Eyes (Shy Apple Eyes) - Sin Skin

Springtime Jazz - 1920's

When i first saw this vintage piece- it wasn't all about the flapper of the era. It was every woman. This beautiful sage color is what would have been used - I must admit I love the hat!!!

Dress (Springtime Jazz) - Silver Rose Designs
Shoes (Tuxedo Pumps) - Shiny Things
Hair (Flapper Black/Bronzed)- ETD
Skin (Rita: Smokey#3) - RAC
Location - Vignette

The things i like about this dress would be the neckline and the sleeves - a very subtle feminine look. Shiny Things has amazing shoes that fit in with the retro theme sooo well. I am off to find a few 1920's locations. Hmmm - i hear there is a speakeasy out there ..well i am off to check it out!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Victorian Maids of SL

Is this not the most stunning victorian maid costume in Second Life??? I gawked when i saw it in the window.

The cute little hat comes with it - but be prepared to edit your hair -
(remember to copy your hair first).

The designer of this dress gets a big thumbs up from me. Her name is Moeka Kohime. I rushed home to throw the dress on and as i did a little turn, i did notice a little problem...hmmm I had no glitch pants..or panties.

*Grumbles* I sent out a note to Moeka and asked if i was supposed to have something covering my rear. Much to my surprise she said no. She told me to pull up the apron to fit the seams. Taa Daa!! ok - it worked and i smiled:) I will definitely be buying from Edelweiss again!

Although as i flew to a concert and attempted to land my skirt flew over my head as i landed - Well - that was a big oops - some lucky avis saw my bare bum as my skirts flew up over my head.

I did find a very practical solution - Every fashionesta has a black gown in her closet, so on went some random black glitch pants - worked beautifully!!

The outfit comes with several shirt and apron options and of course all can be mixed and matched. I just love the bow and detailed ruffles!

My hair is from NaughtyDesigns (Maya): Naughty Designs
The perfect shoes are at Telsa (Ziggy Heals *Birth*):

This incredible costume (which i must admit brings to mind GREAT role play possibilities was bought at Edelweiss. The dress is called - Maid Dress Emma #1 .

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kitchen Work of the 1920's

Seems I've settled into the 1920's these days. A have completed a few excellent kitchen pieces that i am very proud to show off!!

I work around old thing things everyday at my RL job so to come here and recreat such beautiful things is such a pleasure.

I wanted so badly to create a specific Chamber's range but unfortunately, it belongs to a different decade. So it is another project i look forward to another day:)

At this time my plan is to make a small 1920's house to furnish as it would have been almost a hundred years ago. It is a major project! One of my biggest obstacles in creating the house will be the walls, believe it or not - they had very tiny rooms in the 20's. This could create problems moving about in the home so some compromises will need to be made.

Well - off to build a house!!
Wish me luck:)