Friday, February 29, 2008

Springtime Jazz - 1920's

When i first saw this vintage piece- it wasn't all about the flapper of the era. It was every woman. This beautiful sage color is what would have been used - I must admit I love the hat!!!

Dress (Springtime Jazz) - Silver Rose Designs
Shoes (Tuxedo Pumps) - Shiny Things
Hair (Flapper Black/Bronzed)- ETD
Skin (Rita: Smokey#3) - RAC
Location - Vignette

The things i like about this dress would be the neckline and the sleeves - a very subtle feminine look. Shiny Things has amazing shoes that fit in with the retro theme sooo well. I am off to find a few 1920's locations. Hmmm - i hear there is a speakeasy out there ..well i am off to check it out!

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