Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free FlipFlops for Everyone!

Greetings Everyone!

Summer is upon us and it's time for some amazing ....FlipFlops!

This is a Back to Basics set for the ladies. You may ask...What on earth I mean by Back to Basics???
Well, It means that when you touch them it offers you about 150 colors and yes it will be the basic shadowed texture/color. This type of shoe is also very nifty when you can't find just the perfect summer shoe to go with that odd colored outfit.

As always at In Her Shoes, the flipflops are a gift (free) from me to you.

In Good Taste

Arg!!  Due to a very possible layoff in real life this summer, I MUST find a way to support what I give away. I will continue putting out free quality items.

Simply put, making free items in Second Life costs money - sculpts, textures....and land. My sponsor, es0 Torok of "LC Sculpts - Handmade in Texas!". has paid for my Sim for well over a year. She is my real life sister and I am deeply grateful for her generousity. Any tips coming in have gone toward textures and sculpts.

I can't depend on es0 to forever pay my tier in sl, soooooo... I decided to open "In Good Taste". My free projects will ALWAYS continue, but any buildings I make I will need to charge for. I know, I know ... I hate having to do it but for now I need to.

So what quality of building does a person who's put out free items for so long make??? Well, I do put love and care into everything I make, fee or no fee. Take a peek at my first project:

I'ts a very versatile arrange each item separately OR throw it all down at once.
I wanted a warm, lush look with a splash of color.

The demo is a MUST SEE!
In Good Taste  ......   demo of the market

I will continue to put out free item's at these shops, but have decided to charge for items I make at In Good Taste.

In Her Shoes 
LC Sculpts - Handmade in Texas - By the way, all her personal sculpts are free and mod/copy. You only pay if you need full version sets. This is a huge plus for SIM owners and people who love to experiment with building.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Rachel Boram