Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Faries and Places

Wow! I spent way too many Lindens this time - but oh my - some great keepers!

Dress - 2 complete dresses - long and short from an amazing designer - (Evangeline Miles) at Evie's Closet. Aventine is stunning and comes in a number of gorgeous colors. I've only shown the shorter dress in the box here - the long one in the box is a MUST SEE - so get yourself over there!

Wreath - *EC* Wreath of Flowers at Evie's Closet - tons and tons of color changes on the wreath - It will go with anything!

Wings - Small Bloodvine Nebula Wings at Fancy Fairy - (animated and they change to a number of colors on touch!)

Skin - omg!!! new skins at Curio!! :GP: Petal [Dark] Lovely-Gossamer 1. I love this one - It has a bit of a sad look.

Places to Go:
Cocos Island - Costa Rica
Arkon - The Ninahalia Tribe
MAHJONG-PARADISE, give this one plenty of time to rez
::: Omega Point ::: Dark Fantasy Cyber World
Energy Island

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Sometimes on those hunts we stumble across the greatest little stores. I found Blonde. OMG!! I'm jealous - her retro building skills are absolutely amazing. This is a "must see little store" for fun retro stuff.

Ladies - check out this gorgeous little retro/50's apron. It's FREE!! @ Blonde.

When you go to put it on you'll pause - "What am I gonna wear it with?" Sure, I could mod a fluffy 50's skirt and squeeze my ass into everything BUT, no need! Slip on a system skirt!

If your a savy retro diva you have this skirt in your closet already. It's the Gina highwaist pencil skirt at artilleri. So ladies - put on your system skirt ass, shimmy into your pencil skirt and put on this apron! Gotta LOVE the details!

Then I thought - gotta have a white reto shirt somewhere in the closet. Woohoo - I found one! The Fleur Mars Shirt White - it was perfect.

Let's go with something a bit unpredictable with the shoes....black glasses - black hair.... hell, go for black shoes. The little red bows are just the right touch.

If you don't have the right system skirt, think about trying some cigarette pants or reto capri's.

Find a great reto hair and off you go!

Apron - Blonde, Pinny With Pockets
Skirt - Artilleri, Gina Highwaist Pencil Skirt
Shirt - Fleur Mars Shirt White (sold as a separate)
Shoes - Tuli Pumps Black - Shiny Things
Skin - This is a great skin!! - 6)shannon_lightskin red @ ROMI SKIN, these skins look innocent, sultry, Lolita.... you have to check these out!
Hair - Dayna at Artilleri

Man Shed!

In building a small place like this it's important for me to keep the prim count low (44). Sure, I could have added more shadows - but would not appeal to the small land owner.

In the box is the whole set up - just plop it down and set the height.

Personally, I prefer the freedom to be creative, so in the box I have included the base of the shed, along with all the separate bits you see (crates, barrels, hay, campfire...). This way, if you like, feel free to decorate as you like.

So add your poses, plants, furniture...what have you and enjoy your "Man Shed"

Its a small place, only 10 x 20.
Fits nice on a 512.
Only 44 prim total!

Visit [V] Vignette and check out the:
[V] Vignette - Man Shed Model

Date Night!

Chronicles of Narnia
Home of Queen Comet - a number of connected sims here - exploring to be had!
France Creation - go west on arrival and give it some time to rez.
Nightflower - just for the beauty of the build. The Sims nearby look dang good too.
Blake Sea - nice small build to check out
Lost Pridelands - a ferrals only role play sim, so pull out the monkeys, tigers, bears and such and have some fun!
Sunset Myst


The Man Shed - at XStreet
Man Shed - the model

Monday, February 2, 2009

Someplace to Hide

Ever wanted a tiny Romantic Retreat? This tiny 10 x 20 skybox will fit the smallest land and is only 57 prim.

Nothing huge or elaborate, but stunning textures (textures make or break in sl), affordable prims and everything in the box is copy mod.

Add your own poses, plants, dances, picnic blanket or furniture for the perfect garden hideaway!

New at [V] Vignette
The model is at - Vignette - stop by and check it out!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Date Night!

Here's a nice roleplay outfit for you:

I could easily see in a Firefly/Serenity setting - If you've never seen the shows or the movie and you like science fiction - shame on you. Best show ever!!

The outfit has 4 skirt colors (and stocking colors) in the box and has tons of options - You can be as flirty with it as you like.

The boots are separate but bought at the same shop and they are perfect with the outfit. I love the worn leather look and the buttons seem to glow. The stockings, garter and necklace are all included.

Outfit - League Great stuff at this store!
Boots - League

These are some of the nicer builds I've been to this week. Grab your friends or set up a date night with your sweetie and go explore!

Date Night:

Seawolf Monsters - Here be Dragons
Geothermal Lagoon in Winter Solstice
The Vernian Sea - Experience steampunk underwater ocean living!
Lost World
MacBeth, Foul Whisperings Strange Matters
Cu Mara. A snowy haven, exploration ... and a snowman
Unintended Waters
For those who love Firefly/Serenity - check out this build - the best Serenity replica ever! Serenity is a spacecraft from the movie Serenity.