Sunday, February 1, 2009

Date Night!

Here's a nice roleplay outfit for you:

I could easily see in a Firefly/Serenity setting - If you've never seen the shows or the movie and you like science fiction - shame on you. Best show ever!!

The outfit has 4 skirt colors (and stocking colors) in the box and has tons of options - You can be as flirty with it as you like.

The boots are separate but bought at the same shop and they are perfect with the outfit. I love the worn leather look and the buttons seem to glow. The stockings, garter and necklace are all included.

Outfit - League Great stuff at this store!
Boots - League

These are some of the nicer builds I've been to this week. Grab your friends or set up a date night with your sweetie and go explore!

Date Night:

Seawolf Monsters - Here be Dragons
Geothermal Lagoon in Winter Solstice
The Vernian Sea - Experience steampunk underwater ocean living!
Lost World
MacBeth, Foul Whisperings Strange Matters
Cu Mara. A snowy haven, exploration ... and a snowman
Unintended Waters
For those who love Firefly/Serenity - check out this build - the best Serenity replica ever! Serenity is a spacecraft from the movie Serenity.

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