Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet Stuff

Today I wanted something a bit gentler. I do enjoy a soft, sweet look.... about time to give it a compartment of it's own. You'll see me wear this type of thing on days I feel vulnerable. The dress is downright adorable - I was attracted to the patchwork look of it. With the soft colors and just the right length, it was a must have.

Wow, was I amazed - I had a set of perfect socks. I picked these up in a sock machine. Give the machine $10L and it would spit out one of 9 pairs (they are transferable in case you get duplicates). As for hair - woohoo a freebie! I do wish it was mod but heck, I'm grateful to get it and love it.

Check out this skin - innocent and oooh soooo soft looking. Small shop but you'll be glad you stopped by. The boots I picked up at M'z. I gave in and grabbed the fat pack :)

The Look:

Dress - *noju* tsugihagi dress (comes in 3 lengths - you must choose)
Skin - Ssal'z Gururu Milky White S002 (WOW - luv this one!)
Boots - M'z Ebl white (yup, bought the very affordable fat pack)
Socks - **sen*2**LayeringSocks_LightGray(BabyPink)
Hair - *noju* relax hair 001 -black - A freebie!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Toy, Retro AND Role Play all in One

So, why is it a toy? Take a look at this beautifully done cigarette tray. It has a very handy script in it which hands out goodies. All you have to do is toss in the full perm item you want it to pass out (I put in the hair I was wearing and a landmark to Vignette). Now every time a random person clicks my tray - they get the treat!! How cool is that??

What a great retro outfit and costume. I was thrilled with the stockings - nicely done with the seam heading up the cheek. Since the dress is so short, I think the stockings adds a bit of tease to the whole look. The little pill box hat can perch on pretty much any hair in your inventory with ease (whew! gotta love that!). Little things much a big difference.

As for the skin - time to pull out a sweet vintage pin up skin - I think it brings the whole look together.


Outfit - Reasonable Desires , Cigarette Girl (with tray, gloves and stockings)
Hair - [V] Vignette May Onyx - this one may still be found in the group delivery box. Please visit the store and join the group. It won't count against you 25 and who knows what could be sent your way:)
Skin - Curio, :GP: Sundust [Dark] Pin Up-Apple Pie 2
Location - Bogart's Jazz Club wow - I fit right in!!!

Here are a few interesting little sims to take a peek at:
*Rouge Forest*
Wretched Hollow

Grungeboardin A, Give it time to Rez and B, Follow instructions for a blast!
Land of Aryador - beautifully built roleplay sim - even the entry looks great (and we all know roleplays start with a platform in the sky where you find rules and tags ...and mall stuff)

Follow THIS link for some amazing machinima!!!

Well - off to explore....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Let's Tweet!

So I set up Twitter and even managed to get it to link to my blog (this will give easy click to follow access to anyone who wants it). So I'm wondering what should I tweet about in SL?

*Shopping - but avoiding spam
*SL moments that make me smile
*general observations (good, bad, ugly)

If you decide to follow but throw span out - I will shoot you ingame if I find you and ban you from things. Oh, and not allow you to follow me anymore.

Dress - (I LOVE IT!) by Squinternet Larnia at Donna Flora and it's called - GIULIA
Shoes - Shiny Things, Tuli Pumps
Hair - TRUTH , Grazia


The Stolen Child

all by the amazing, talented Lainy Voom

Avaria & Grendel's Children
Follow the Lad

Rabbicorn (thanks to the IBM Sim)
Robo Insect Series by Bryn Oh (Steampunk Bug Art - cool!)
Plaaka - I love private well done little homestead sims like this.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

1930's and a Little Teasing...

First the Teasing Adventure -
Select a night when you're alone in date chatty friends. Just you and maybe a glass of wine. ANYONE can do it without ever leaving their SL home.

1 - Look in your groups and select one. I selected the SL Things to Do group...and looked at all the members online.
2 - Select a person (hell yes - it was a man!) and im him randomly. Yes ladies and gents - they MUST be online.
3 - im them - yup just wiggle your fingers at them and watch their reaction. Their sloooow response (cuz they're scared they might have met you and sort of ..forgot:))
4 - tell them you're a stranger - no matter what - dont tp them or go to them..stay only in im from a distance.
5 - A safe word must be given to them. My safe word for the night was "shhhhh" if they said it I had to leave them alone.

I must admit my goal was to catch the sl man "off guard". Yeeeees, do some teasing. I swear, I contacted 3 men that night and had some of the most interesting conversations of my sl life. They seemed much more candid than the men you see at a concert or out while exploring.

As one of the men concentrated so hard on whatever he was building i randomly imed him with random comments "nonono...move it to the left" "do you HAVE to pick that color" until he laughed and yes, he never once used his safe word:)

Ok ladies - just try it - The men will amaze you at how they land on their feet:) remember - you are both in that group so you have SOMETHING in with it!

Now the 1930s!

Thank goodness Nef is back at Ivalde. You have no idea how much my wardrobe depends on this woman!

Take a peek at what she returned with.

This stunning 1930's suit seems so simple when you first notice it...look closer. From the beautiful buttons up the back to the little nips and tucks at the waist, it has to be one of the most tailored vintage dresses I've seen in a long time.

I wanted something vibrant to make it "pop" so I selected a bold red hair from TRUTH. Yup, I'm one of those hair designers who feels perfectly comfortable wearing other designers wares.

Of course the skin had to back up that hair:) so I selected a great lipstick with a softer grey eyeshadow over at Curio.

The heels were sweet and perfect - yay for color changing scripts!!!! This pair has oodles of bow colors to select from and a bit of silver was all I needed.

Dress - Ivalde, Laurende (1930's)
Shoes - Shiny Things, Tuli Pumps
Skin - Curio, :GP: Petal [Dark] June-Swan 2
Hair - >TRUTH< href="">REDSKULL*
Eyes - Curio, Rita Eyes - Grey (Large)

I don't wear a lot of jewelry - but this one had my name all over...I love it!

Well - off to explore and if I'm very good, I'll even build some today:)