Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet Stuff

Today I wanted something a bit gentler. I do enjoy a soft, sweet look.... about time to give it a compartment of it's own. You'll see me wear this type of thing on days I feel vulnerable. The dress is downright adorable - I was attracted to the patchwork look of it. With the soft colors and just the right length, it was a must have.

Wow, was I amazed - I had a set of perfect socks. I picked these up in a sock machine. Give the machine $10L and it would spit out one of 9 pairs (they are transferable in case you get duplicates). As for hair - woohoo a freebie! I do wish it was mod but heck, I'm grateful to get it and love it.

Check out this skin - innocent and oooh soooo soft looking. Small shop but you'll be glad you stopped by. The boots I picked up at M'z. I gave in and grabbed the fat pack :)

The Look:

Dress - *noju* tsugihagi dress (comes in 3 lengths - you must choose)
Skin - Ssal'z Gururu Milky White S002 (WOW - luv this one!)
Boots - M'z Ebl white (yup, bought the very affordable fat pack)
Socks - **sen*2**LayeringSocks_LightGray(BabyPink)
Hair - *noju* relax hair 001 -black - A freebie!!!!!!!!!

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Dillon said...

My favorite outfit :)