Sunday, July 12, 2009

1930's and a Little Teasing...

First the Teasing Adventure -
Select a night when you're alone in date chatty friends. Just you and maybe a glass of wine. ANYONE can do it without ever leaving their SL home.

1 - Look in your groups and select one. I selected the SL Things to Do group...and looked at all the members online.
2 - Select a person (hell yes - it was a man!) and im him randomly. Yes ladies and gents - they MUST be online.
3 - im them - yup just wiggle your fingers at them and watch their reaction. Their sloooow response (cuz they're scared they might have met you and sort of ..forgot:))
4 - tell them you're a stranger - no matter what - dont tp them or go to them..stay only in im from a distance.
5 - A safe word must be given to them. My safe word for the night was "shhhhh" if they said it I had to leave them alone.

I must admit my goal was to catch the sl man "off guard". Yeeeees, do some teasing. I swear, I contacted 3 men that night and had some of the most interesting conversations of my sl life. They seemed much more candid than the men you see at a concert or out while exploring.

As one of the men concentrated so hard on whatever he was building i randomly imed him with random comments "nonono...move it to the left" "do you HAVE to pick that color" until he laughed and yes, he never once used his safe word:)

Ok ladies - just try it - The men will amaze you at how they land on their feet:) remember - you are both in that group so you have SOMETHING in with it!

Now the 1930s!

Thank goodness Nef is back at Ivalde. You have no idea how much my wardrobe depends on this woman!

Take a peek at what she returned with.

This stunning 1930's suit seems so simple when you first notice it...look closer. From the beautiful buttons up the back to the little nips and tucks at the waist, it has to be one of the most tailored vintage dresses I've seen in a long time.

I wanted something vibrant to make it "pop" so I selected a bold red hair from TRUTH. Yup, I'm one of those hair designers who feels perfectly comfortable wearing other designers wares.

Of course the skin had to back up that hair:) so I selected a great lipstick with a softer grey eyeshadow over at Curio.

The heels were sweet and perfect - yay for color changing scripts!!!! This pair has oodles of bow colors to select from and a bit of silver was all I needed.

Dress - Ivalde, Laurende (1930's)
Shoes - Shiny Things, Tuli Pumps
Skin - Curio, :GP: Petal [Dark] June-Swan 2
Hair - >TRUTH< href="">REDSKULL*
Eyes - Curio, Rita Eyes - Grey (Large)

I don't wear a lot of jewelry - but this one had my name all over...I love it!

Well - off to explore and if I'm very good, I'll even build some today:)

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