Monday, July 20, 2009

Let's Tweet!

So I set up Twitter and even managed to get it to link to my blog (this will give easy click to follow access to anyone who wants it). So I'm wondering what should I tweet about in SL?

*Shopping - but avoiding spam
*SL moments that make me smile
*general observations (good, bad, ugly)

If you decide to follow but throw span out - I will shoot you ingame if I find you and ban you from things. Oh, and not allow you to follow me anymore.

Dress - (I LOVE IT!) by Squinternet Larnia at Donna Flora and it's called - GIULIA
Shoes - Shiny Things, Tuli Pumps
Hair - TRUTH , Grazia


The Stolen Child

all by the amazing, talented Lainy Voom

Avaria & Grendel's Children
Follow the Lad

Rabbicorn (thanks to the IBM Sim)
Robo Insect Series by Bryn Oh (Steampunk Bug Art - cool!)
Plaaka - I love private well done little homestead sims like this.

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