Friday, October 1, 2010

Rumors and Gossip - Microsoft and Lindens...Together?

So October 13th is the big day. Mesh Open Beta begins.  Is this something to look forward to?

What is a Mesh?, well, it allows 3d folks on the outside to create content, texture it and even hook it all together to make one prim..... then they bring it into SL and sell it. They'll be using programs like Blender and Maya. Within those programs they will make their own sculpts....bake on their own textures...and then turn something (like a coat or a house) into just one prim and sell it. It is a 3D professionals dream.

Are you going to buy a one prim coat with baked on textures or a 30 prim coat put together inworld? Mesh will separate the professionals from the mainstream sl builder. To be honest, I'd buy the one prim house if pressed!

I buy sculpts and textures. I make stuff and give it away because I can, but I am not a 3D professional.

So think of all the builders, sculpters and texture makers - how will they fit into this new plan? What will happen to the economy? Seems to me the professionals will make money - LOTS of it. Businesses in sl will hurt - a lot.

Who will love it? 3D artists/professionals and all those who come into the game just to flirt, adventure and explore.
Who will dislike it? The creative people already in SL. Dang, they come to build and have stores. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. Sort of like a "Eureka!!" moment:) This will be taken from the vast majority of them.

Rumors are out there -

The words Microsoft and Linden Labs, all in the same sentences????   What is THAT all about?
2nd here
3rd here 

Hey wait a second - Microsoft may buy Linden Labs? Dang...AND mesh that allows ubber professionals to make real $ ahead of the rest of us in Second Life? Ok - somebody wake me up...

Lot's to think about on this ....

Rachel Boram

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Group Gifts at In Her Shoes [IHS]

For all the kind folks in the Vignette group (which is where ([IHS] In Her Shoes stuff is also found), I just sent three pair of shoes your way.

These shoes will NOT be in the store, you must join the group and check notices. Since group notices only stay in there so many days...don't wait too long to grab them!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Classic 60's

Time for more free shoes

I have been sooooo busy lately, but wanted to take this afternoon and set out something special for everyone.  Head on over to [IHS] In Her Shoes to grab both the white.... AND the black pair to add to your closet. They are both mod/copy so feel free to tint your heart out.

I also wanted to let everyone know where my blogs can be found, in case you want to keep up with my gaming activities:

For everything about the Vignette sim, In Her Shoes and any other free items I put out at Second Life, please head over to Second Life at Vignette.

My second blog is a bit new -----  Confessions of a Middle Aged Female Gamer.

See, I just love a good game but most of the sites online are geared to the 12 - 30 year old guys. I don't jump into hash and slash type games like so many guys do.
This blog is a gaming journal for women. I hope you take the time to stop by and say hello:)

Meanwhile, as always - FREE SHOES!

Dress - *ICING* Peggy in blue
Hair - from Truth, Nikhita 2 in barley
Shoes = [IHS] In Her Shoes - Classic Sling-Back Pumps in white - FREE!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TWO Worlds????

Ok, I confess..I've been slipping off to visit Inworldz. Now, why on EARTH would I do such a thing???

* Well 45,000 prim Sim for only $75 usd a month. (confessed prim whore)
* prims that can stretch to 128 x 128 and shrink amazingly small
* Their economy is now up and in place  (2:1 Iz/Ls ratio)
* Currently has 295 regions and about 100 people on at a time but over 9000 accounts
* Uploads are FREEEEEEEE but you must have full perms to it! Be sure you check with the artists you buy textures and sculpts from.
* You can use an ATM in SL to transfer your Linden into I'z and vice versa
* 50 Groups allowed!!
* Fresh starts can be sweet:)

On the other side of the coin...expect hiccups in the performance. You will at times seek some workarounds, but these draw backs are not worse that sl hicups for me. The search has a ways to go but I'm a patient woman.

Bits and Bobs opened over there!
Earthstones has opened a shop
LC Sculpts
HOT House of Textures
LMC Content CreationCreative Fantasy Home & Garden @ Creative Fantasy
JTL Designs
Cupcakes (Clothing and skins)
Chic Boutique
Alyssa Bijoux (jewelry)

Check out this amazing list of Inworldz shops here. They seem to be updating this list pretty well so check to see if you're favorites are there yet!
 My current plans over there involve assisting LC Sculps  set up her sim...THEN adding some of my stuff.

Note - Transition wont be too tough but only pioneers with a sense of humour should apply. If someone offers you a hair base upon arrival - take it and wear me:)

Meanwhile in SL I will still be building away....   

Friday, August 6, 2010

[IHS] In Her Shoes Has More Free Shoes!

Need something cozy to wear right about now?

Four sets and ALWAYS free at In Her Shoes. This time they are ALL in the display box, so just click and buy for $0.


Regarding Inworldz:

For those of you who may have seen me out and about Inworldz, I will indeed open a business there soon. Shoes are a bit tougher over there because although I may have the shoe sculpts on this end, not all sculpty designers will allow me to take them over. I would rather just make something over again or use different textures than upset vendors in SL. A HUGE HUGE thanks to the vendors who WILL let me use them (about 75% say yes and 25% say no).

In Good Taste also has some goodies out.
In case you didn't know, I've been making a few commercial builds to help support Vignette/In Her Shoes.
The commercial builds are not free but very reasonably priced to help keep up with my tier:)

The Fiesta is a whole set! The colors are fun AND bit toonish.... DANG - just add a roadrunner and you're good to go!
Take a look see:

The DEMO for this set is located at the demo area of In Good Taste.
On XStreet my builds may be found at - Products by Rachel Boram
I'm a sucker for adding color to a build:)
Till next time -
Rachel Boram

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's been a busy few weeks for me as a builder ...

The items in this particular entry may not be free but are amazing! You see, I have been making a few buildings that I hope will bring in a little income to pay my tier, soooo... if you are looking for an amazing small shop, check this one out:

For only $495L it's a steal!! My builds may be found her on xstreet. They may also be found at In Good Taste. So come on out and take a peek, you wont be disappointed!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free FlipFlops for Everyone!

Greetings Everyone!

Summer is upon us and it's time for some amazing ....FlipFlops!

This is a Back to Basics set for the ladies. You may ask...What on earth I mean by Back to Basics???
Well, It means that when you touch them it offers you about 150 colors and yes it will be the basic shadowed texture/color. This type of shoe is also very nifty when you can't find just the perfect summer shoe to go with that odd colored outfit.

As always at In Her Shoes, the flipflops are a gift (free) from me to you.

In Good Taste

Arg!!  Due to a very possible layoff in real life this summer, I MUST find a way to support what I give away. I will continue putting out free quality items.

Simply put, making free items in Second Life costs money - sculpts, textures....and land. My sponsor, es0 Torok of "LC Sculpts - Handmade in Texas!". has paid for my Sim for well over a year. She is my real life sister and I am deeply grateful for her generousity. Any tips coming in have gone toward textures and sculpts.

I can't depend on es0 to forever pay my tier in sl, soooooo... I decided to open "In Good Taste". My free projects will ALWAYS continue, but any buildings I make I will need to charge for. I know, I know ... I hate having to do it but for now I need to.

So what quality of building does a person who's put out free items for so long make??? Well, I do put love and care into everything I make, fee or no fee. Take a peek at my first project:

I'ts a very versatile arrange each item separately OR throw it all down at once.
I wanted a warm, lush look with a splash of color.

The demo is a MUST SEE!
In Good Taste  ......   demo of the market

I will continue to put out free item's at these shops, but have decided to charge for items I make at In Good Taste.

In Her Shoes 
LC Sculpts - Handmade in Texas - By the way, all her personal sculpts are free and mod/copy. You only pay if you need full version sets. This is a huge plus for SIM owners and people who love to experiment with building.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Rachel Boram

Friday, May 14, 2010

Leather Boot Gifts for Her AND Him!

I've set a new gift set of leather boots in the store you may want to take a peek at: [IHS] In Her Shoes

Girls in the group, slip your hand into your man's hand and drag him along.

There's something in it for him too this time.

Reminder - All shoes at In Her Shoes are free gifts to everyone.



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free Ground Stompers For Everyone!

Greatings All,

Dropping a small set of boots in the shop for the ladies today.
This set is more for the adventurers and explorers out there.

So come on and and grab your set - Yes, it IS for the ladies!
[IHS] In Her Shoes @ Vignette
As ALWAYS, the entire set is free of charge.


Rachel Boram

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Set of Free Goodies for ALL!

Wow - I haven't put out a new FREE set in some weeks so it's about TIME!

What can I say, a gentleman has been trying to distract me from my building:). Now if he juuust didn't have at least 5 alts and numerous partners:)

So, head on over to [In Her Shoes] and ENJOY!

[IHS] or [In Her Shoes]