Friday, August 6, 2010

[IHS] In Her Shoes Has More Free Shoes!

Need something cozy to wear right about now?

Four sets and ALWAYS free at In Her Shoes. This time they are ALL in the display box, so just click and buy for $0.


Regarding Inworldz:

For those of you who may have seen me out and about Inworldz, I will indeed open a business there soon. Shoes are a bit tougher over there because although I may have the shoe sculpts on this end, not all sculpty designers will allow me to take them over. I would rather just make something over again or use different textures than upset vendors in SL. A HUGE HUGE thanks to the vendors who WILL let me use them (about 75% say yes and 25% say no).

In Good Taste also has some goodies out.
In case you didn't know, I've been making a few commercial builds to help support Vignette/In Her Shoes.
The commercial builds are not free but very reasonably priced to help keep up with my tier:)

The Fiesta is a whole set! The colors are fun AND bit toonish.... DANG - just add a roadrunner and you're good to go!
Take a look see:

The DEMO for this set is located at the demo area of In Good Taste.
On XStreet my builds may be found at - Products by Rachel Boram
I'm a sucker for adding color to a build:)
Till next time -
Rachel Boram

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