Wednesday, December 24, 2008

OH Cr@p!!

Ever have one of those moments. Someone sends you an im:

"uh, I think I just trashed your sim"

I text back "haha - no you didn't"

"uh..the mountains are missing"

ok - be right there.........

Well crap!! I sold es0 a tiny bit of land. Could she have had the power to wipe out the land all over the Sim? I have given her no special powers but DANG!! She was right.

She had attempted to edit her little plot of land and hit the revert button. In the process the entire Sim was affected. This meant all my mountains, caves and even the lake were gone..things had come flying back to my inventory. The place was trashed.

I panicked and issued a support ticket for a rollback. But after 24 hours still nothing from the Lindens. I am contemplating a rebuild. So due to the store being blocked by a stray mountain, I am closing the Sim for a few days while I straighten this out or rebuild. If you are in my group or on my friends list, you do have access, but please be patient.

My sister Es0 at the scene of the crime:

Please note how gracefully the trees and rocks float on the air.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Down on the Farm

How about a little farm roleplay?

A little role play never hurt anyone. I don't think I've looked for farms in the game yet, but no better time than the present:)

So I began my quest. Let's see, I need bib overalls. None of those shorty short girlie overalls Noooo...I wanted something that would fit the fantasy a bit better. I went to classified, typed in overalls and off I went, to find the best in SL.

Grrr - I hate when it's a mall and I have to hunt for the dang things.

Lisa's had overalls, but too girly so I passed on that pair.

I found 5 pair. My intent is not to critic other peoples work, but to find the best. Let's take a closer look shall we?

#1 - Hell Bop - Walter - Bib Overalls, and for the shirt i went to Artilleri, (Darla in red). The bib may be worn up or down which could certainly add to your role playing fun:)

# 2 - NoLabel, the Lucky Overall in black and the shirt was from Elephant Outfitters (Sailor Striped Sweater Top). I just loved the sculpted legs! Notice how the pants fold sweetly over my shoes. Yay! This designer is worth keeping an eye on:)

#3 - This outfit is nice but no sculpties or removable bibs. These pants are a bit more of an older SL style, but the overalls are nice and this means it has something newer outfits seem to no longer have...the ability to transfer! This overall is from Crucial Creations and the shirt from an older out fit of mine - Luminosity, Triest.

#4 - I think these are the overalls I see most often (from BareRose). Unfortunately they don't have a bib up bib down option. The legs are the simple standard pant legs ...but I do adore the little dangly bits on the bib. It was tougher to find a shirt that worked for me as the ones it came with would'nt fit in with the roleplay I had in mind:) This one is the {Gisaci} Classic Cashmere Turtleneck.

#5 - I swear the ad said it was blue but they tend to look purple to me. Try a close up on this one. This is another no frills basic set but it has the basic style and it transfers! Bailers Outfitters for this one. The shirt is again the Darla from Artilleri (in pink).

HAIR - The was a new one from my place. It has a playful look that I couldn't resist. Go to [V] Vignette and try on the Minx.

Ok, now comes the exploring. It's time to head off and look for farms. There's bound to be one with just the right mood for a little roleplay.

A big strapping farm boy who knows how to work hard....yep - I could get into that!

Till next time!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Warm Glow with Grable Hair!!

I love the holidays in Second Life. Everyone is so thoughtful. The scavenger hunts remind me how generous everyone can be here.

This dress is not free but I couldn't resist showing it. The dress is a 1930s creation and the hair is a bit more 40s but I couldn't resist putting them together.

The dress is Ambre from Ivaldes in yellow, which is not usually my color, but dang, it works here!

The gentle shadowed folds soften the look and the bit of white right over the buttons gives the dress a flirty look.

Of course I decided to go with seemed stockings from Insolence and the Solace Black shoes from Maitreya. You'll notice the tips of my shoes are a bit more shadowed - that's because of the stocking which has a darker toe. I forgot what they call that part of the stocking, but I like the vintage look of it:)

HAIR! WHOOHOOO! I made another hair this week. Betty Grable always managed to pull off this style, so why not me?

In SL we all size our own heads and generally my head is between 40 - 50 on the slider. I do crank it up to 50 to make the hair and am trying to make sure most heads between 40 - 60 will have minimal resizing issues.

It comes in tons of colors so stop by and try out the demo!

HAIR - [V] Vignette Grable in Milkshake
Dress - Ivalde, Ambre yellow
Skin - Curio :GP: Luster-Sprinkle
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Intense Caramel/Jade Eyes
Stockings - Light Grey Seamed Stockings by INSOLENCE
Shoes - Maitreya - Solace Black

Saturday, December 6, 2008

When RL and SL Collide

As I googled this week I stumbled onto my sisters blog. I didn't even know she had one, so I mentioned it to her and then she asked "Do YOU have a blog". Sooo....I mentioned this one.

After work I turned on SL and 2 minutes later I get this im from what I thought was a complete stranger. "It's me" Well, heck we all get them. Everytime our sl friends make a new alt.... so it took me a second to catch on.

Ohhhh...es0 is my rl sister! So then I paused and thought oh noooo..she'll read my profile. How do I explain Kairos to her? How do I make her realize SL is not JUST a sexual playground? To me it's great art, good music, a coloring book, Barbies and good friends. I wanted her to see the creative possibilities.

Much to my surprise she didn't seem at all taken aback. She is determined to build. So I pushed her to get hair, and an ao. I don't know if she needs skin shopping, she seems to have found a nice free one on her own. Then I gave her a place in my sky to live and build. Next come sl classes.

It has actually been fun showing her things. I had forgotten how difficult the learning curve was here. She has even met Kairos now and they seem just fine. *Whew*

In rl she makes beautiful jewelry and is a creative perfectionist. I am looking forward to watching her grow and build. I hope for some vintage beadwork out of it at some point:).

Well, I also wanted to share this trim vintage 1940s dress with you from Ivalde. The collar is soft and warm and the hand drawn details are just what this look needs. I also like the simple finish on the hem.

As you look at the back of the dress check out the details on the zipper. It just doesn't get better than that. As for the cherry on top...I would say the ass. The shading is perfect!!! A nice worn look that accents the curves - gotta have it!

Dress - Ivalde, Lauretta
Shoes - Maitreya, Verve
Hair - Ingenue, Rachel
Skin - Fleur Vivant Almond Vin 1
Eyes - Laqroki ~ Reflect truegreen eyes

Till next time!