Wednesday, December 24, 2008

OH Cr@p!!

Ever have one of those moments. Someone sends you an im:

"uh, I think I just trashed your sim"

I text back "haha - no you didn't"

"uh..the mountains are missing"

ok - be right there.........

Well crap!! I sold es0 a tiny bit of land. Could she have had the power to wipe out the land all over the Sim? I have given her no special powers but DANG!! She was right.

She had attempted to edit her little plot of land and hit the revert button. In the process the entire Sim was affected. This meant all my mountains, caves and even the lake were gone..things had come flying back to my inventory. The place was trashed.

I panicked and issued a support ticket for a rollback. But after 24 hours still nothing from the Lindens. I am contemplating a rebuild. So due to the store being blocked by a stray mountain, I am closing the Sim for a few days while I straighten this out or rebuild. If you are in my group or on my friends list, you do have access, but please be patient.

My sister Es0 at the scene of the crime:

Please note how gracefully the trees and rocks float on the air.

1 comment:

Beulah said...

good luck with the building - such a shame I do love visiting your sim. bet it wil be so much better, look forward to seeing it all