Saturday, December 6, 2008

When RL and SL Collide

As I googled this week I stumbled onto my sisters blog. I didn't even know she had one, so I mentioned it to her and then she asked "Do YOU have a blog". Sooo....I mentioned this one.

After work I turned on SL and 2 minutes later I get this im from what I thought was a complete stranger. "It's me" Well, heck we all get them. Everytime our sl friends make a new alt.... so it took me a second to catch on.

Ohhhh...es0 is my rl sister! So then I paused and thought oh noooo..she'll read my profile. How do I explain Kairos to her? How do I make her realize SL is not JUST a sexual playground? To me it's great art, good music, a coloring book, Barbies and good friends. I wanted her to see the creative possibilities.

Much to my surprise she didn't seem at all taken aback. She is determined to build. So I pushed her to get hair, and an ao. I don't know if she needs skin shopping, she seems to have found a nice free one on her own. Then I gave her a place in my sky to live and build. Next come sl classes.

It has actually been fun showing her things. I had forgotten how difficult the learning curve was here. She has even met Kairos now and they seem just fine. *Whew*

In rl she makes beautiful jewelry and is a creative perfectionist. I am looking forward to watching her grow and build. I hope for some vintage beadwork out of it at some point:).

Well, I also wanted to share this trim vintage 1940s dress with you from Ivalde. The collar is soft and warm and the hand drawn details are just what this look needs. I also like the simple finish on the hem.

As you look at the back of the dress check out the details on the zipper. It just doesn't get better than that. As for the cherry on top...I would say the ass. The shading is perfect!!! A nice worn look that accents the curves - gotta have it!

Dress - Ivalde, Lauretta
Shoes - Maitreya, Verve
Hair - Ingenue, Rachel
Skin - Fleur Vivant Almond Vin 1
Eyes - Laqroki ~ Reflect truegreen eyes

Till next time!

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