Sunday, November 25, 2007


I find that in Second Life people and places inspire creativity in me. Recently someone came back into my SL life after a long absense. He truely inspires me.

I could have spent the last few weeks making furniture, but mostly i spent time with this man. So now, due to his presence, I have a Winter Park.

I wanted a natural setting - no dancing snowmen or bright Gingerbread Houses, but a place of romance, peace and quiet. Sure, you might hear a little Christmas music going on, but mostly it is to dance, cuddle, and laugh. And - indeed.... their are a few intimate balls in the park, but heck, it's an intimate sort of park.

Please come and visit it.
Enjoy a few cold winter cuddles:) You will see the listing in the right column as Winter Park (

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What - New PLACES??

Places in the Dark Side will need to be checked. Unfortunately most were only up for Halloween and some are slowly getting a makeover.

For the Winter Holidays!!

Dang:) I just love winter..I'm gonna be all over some new links soon. Meanwhile I see no point in keeping the Halloween ones up unless they are year round. It will be updated by Saturday night..I promise!

I have some ideas for more places to link to.

Places to Build?

I honestly think this would be a short list.

Places for Quality Freebies?

I am also thinking of listing random quality freebies.As an example, I have to say the 4 free dresses from Ivalde for Halloween were absolutely amazing.

My mother always told me if you dress something lowscale (free/cheap) with something high dollar, you would have style with atitude. I rarely wear a it had better be able to compete with high dollar stuff. Maybe that would be the route to go ...hmmm.

I don't know..this category may be very time consuming

Places for Scavenger Hunts?

I was thinking of another short category for scavenger hunts. Gotta love Artillery's Halloween). Artillery had the best scavenger hunt I have ever been to. No cheap free prizes there. Quality stuff right out of her store.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wicked Secrets

I honestly don't try to create drama but,

this past week i have shared a wicked secret with a friend or two. Not a really "bad" secret....we're talking fantasy secrets. Sure, a fantasy is just a fantasy, but at what point do the friends who like and respect you think less of you because something truely wicked pushes all your hot buttons?

I'm not sure what type of reactions i expected.
  1. Would the guy fall into the fantasy roll just to please me? I would hate that.
  2. Would he laugh...could. Ok, yes, I think he laughed
  3. Would it trigger some hot button in him? the preferred reaction of course:)
  4. Would it repulse him...Dammit, honest to god.. this has happened to me before.
  5. Would he still respect me?
Then of course i would have to ask myself how I would react to HIS fantasies. I think guys are more reluctant to share this information. Do they think their fantasies are more perverted than womens? Jeesh...they need to open up. We want to know their hot buttons..

Arg...what to do.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Oh Noooo!

I should have posted this a few days ago..sorry...really really sorry!

Wow – What a great weekend! I thought I would go ahead and do my show-and-tell thing here. The majority of things in my shop were inspired by the real thing!!

First off:

The (4) Art Deco Chairs (Circa 1935) of course come with their own poses. And the beautiful table is a Parzinger style (Circa 1950) This set fit together so beautifully.

This bed reminds me of the shirt Charlie Brown wore in the comics. The Designer was Paul Frankl and the bed is made of Dark Chocolate Brown Mahogany American 1940s. The side tables (Circa 1950s) are also via a Frankl design. What is so dang great is that they are lamps too!!

...and then of course we have:

What would a retro shop be without a 1950's Neo Classical Daybed USA? Simplicity at it’s best.

Now for something special -

A Leather Frame Mirror inspired by Jaques Adnet, France 1940s. (This one is free if you can find it in the store!)