Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wicked Secrets

I honestly don't try to create drama but,

this past week i have shared a wicked secret with a friend or two. Not a really "bad" secret....we're talking fantasy secrets. Sure, a fantasy is just a fantasy, but at what point do the friends who like and respect you think less of you because something truely wicked pushes all your hot buttons?

I'm not sure what type of reactions i expected.
  1. Would the guy fall into the fantasy roll just to please me? I would hate that.
  2. Would he laugh...could. Ok, yes, I think he laughed
  3. Would it trigger some hot button in him? the preferred reaction of course:)
  4. Would it repulse him...Dammit, honest to god.. this has happened to me before.
  5. Would he still respect me?
Then of course i would have to ask myself how I would react to HIS fantasies. I think guys are more reluctant to share this information. Do they think their fantasies are more perverted than womens? Jeesh...they need to open up. We want to know their hot buttons..

Arg...what to do.

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