Thursday, November 8, 2007

What - New PLACES??

Places in the Dark Side will need to be checked. Unfortunately most were only up for Halloween and some are slowly getting a makeover.

For the Winter Holidays!!

Dang:) I just love winter..I'm gonna be all over some new links soon. Meanwhile I see no point in keeping the Halloween ones up unless they are year round. It will be updated by Saturday night..I promise!

I have some ideas for more places to link to.

Places to Build?

I honestly think this would be a short list.

Places for Quality Freebies?

I am also thinking of listing random quality freebies.As an example, I have to say the 4 free dresses from Ivalde for Halloween were absolutely amazing.

My mother always told me if you dress something lowscale (free/cheap) with something high dollar, you would have style with atitude. I rarely wear a it had better be able to compete with high dollar stuff. Maybe that would be the route to go ...hmmm.

I don't know..this category may be very time consuming

Places for Scavenger Hunts?

I was thinking of another short category for scavenger hunts. Gotta love Artillery's Halloween). Artillery had the best scavenger hunt I have ever been to. No cheap free prizes there. Quality stuff right out of her store.

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