Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Now here's a costume for you - and get this....only $130L. Diamond Angel was created by June Dion over at Barerose.

The gorgeous wings are a combination sculpty/flexi prims and are a bit translucent. Very majestic looking!

Of course the little gathered socks about my ankles also came in the box and give the whole outfit an air of flirty innocence.

The perfect silver shoes at Shiny Things and a simple updo at Vignette (in frosting) brought it all together.

Outfit - Barerose - Diamond Angel
Shoes - Shiny Things - Tuli Pumps, silver
Hair - Vignette - Anny, frosting
Skin - ::Soda:: Persona Skin - The Pinup - Cream - Grey - Nude

Monday, January 19, 2009


After a cr@ppy week I decided to shop and indulge. I usually have limits as to how much I'll spend for one dress. $400L is generally my very top end, but this weekend I wanted to do something good for myself. This sweet Lolita outfit is $800L...yes, you heard me right.

After I coughed up the $ and put it on, I must say...it was worth it. I don't have a lot of sculpted skirts but I absolutely love this one. The bottom of the skirt is prim and flows beautifully (you get the best of both worlds). I especially like that when I move, my thigh peeks out in a very flirty sort of way. The heels came with the outfit!!! Let's not forget the tiny top hat AND the umbrella. I am proud to add this outfit to my Lolita collection.

My other indulgence was for my Sim. I saw this picnic set and just couldn't resist. I's a work of art. All sculpted and the most romantic poses *sighs*.

A little note about the Vignette sim - The snow mountain is back in place with the lovers cave - Woohoo!

ALSO showing in the vintage theater this week on Vignette is Charlie Chaplin's "The Kid" (1921). It's currently playing on a loop but feel free to tag me at anytime (and if it doesnt interupt anyone elses viewing) I would be happy to start it at the beginning for you:) The movie is one of the greatest silent films ever made.

So here's a date idea for you -
1 - Stop by and watch a silent classic with your sweetheart
2 - then take a walk and find this beautiful picnic spot
3 - Visit the hidden lovers cave

ALL on Vignette.

Outfit - Violent Seduction, Pinstripe Lolita
Picnic Blanket - Instinct Furniture

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monkey Business

This is an avi, not a pet.

Since I do love roleplay and I did cover a puppy, why not find another special feral furry. A feral furry just means it walks on all 4's. Somehow I find them to be acceptable roleplay outfits. The 2 leggers I'm juuuust not ready for.

This little one could easily fit into many roleplays and even though most Gors say no furries, they do tend to find a 4 legged one ok (as long as the animal is mentioned in gor folklore). I'm happy to say a monkey, bear and even a few feral cat like creatures may fit in.

The monkey does have a great look and does come with a banana and an ao. When moving about I highly recommend the run (ctrl R). The gate is much more natural looking and attention getting.

I like lots of variety in ao's and this one could use a few more walks, sits and gestures. But it does come with the basics (and i think the puppy ao spoiled me).

The hat didnt come with him but I put one on to show that you can add your own! Several attachment points are available so you can add cuteness to this precious little monkey.

So be adventurous - give this little monkey a chance.

Avi - RIpped Winklers,

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I'm not a Gor kinda girl....butI hear their Sims are almost always beautiful. So the question was, how to get in. Well, I found an avi that was non threatening and wasn't too furrie like, then tped over hoping I wouldn't get tossed out on my ass. You see, there should be no puppies on Gor.

I selected a place called the Khalida -City, The Black Talon. I was happy to see a nice crowd of people on the sim and the guard in the arrival spot (Dirk) didn't eye my puppy body too suspiciously. Soooo - off I went.
All Gor sims seem to have so much security:( I yipped a little but I think they didn't hear me at first:) Of course I then proceeded to sneak in....and eventually found myself in a group of about 6 people.

The first few moments I wasn't noticed...until one of the slaves looked away from me in fear. I LOVE Gor people - they're great roleplayers! They're so funny and creative. They fed me, pet me..and eyed me suspiciously. You see, there are no puppies in Gor. I of course yipped at the gate to warn them when people arrived and drooled happily when they played with my red ball. I was having a blast. Are all Gor people so kind?

Next I tried City of Scagnar where I was met at the gate buy again, 5 - 6 people. A mean lady threatened to eat me. I am sooo glad for the peeing animation that comes with this avi!! Role Play can be such a hoot!

Before I forget, this amazing little puppy avi comes with a hud of the cutest animations (sit, dog house sit, ball, bone, front stretch, full body stretch and more!). This was such a fun adventure and I highly recommend it. They never once broke character and neither did I!!

Goodness knows I've been tossed from a few sims and this afternoon was no exception. Out of the 4 Gor sims I visited I would suggest The Black Talon Just for fun and Cardonicus if you just want to irritate them:). At Scagnar a lady did tell me puppies are unknown there but kittens are acceptable. A citizen of Fina offered me to a slave as a pet....I eyed the woods with longing and left to chase adventure!

My 3rd stop was ~City of Fina ~ on the Counter Earth Continent and the 4th was ** Cardonicus.
Unfortunately Cardonicus tossed my puppy ass out:) No sense of humour there at all. No puppies allowed.

This is such a great avi costume and I highly recommend it for a night of adventuring.

There is a difference between Exploring and Adventuring. If you are just in the mood to explore, give these places a peek.

Hope and Happiness
The Hotel Dare - for those who love creative arts in SL
Forgotten Village - wow - there may be shopping nearby but this place is georgous. Tons of photo opportunities here! Give it time to rez.
KIJIJI ("The Village")
Wintergarden of Dreams

Really AWESOME puppy avi - Tiny Champagne Puppy is from Mouse Mart (comes in 4 cute colors)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some Vintage Hair Styles are Timeless

After all the scrambling to tidy up [V]Vignette, I decided to to take a break and make hair.

I swear it was easier to make this hair than to find the little black dress she wore in the movie while standing next to that tree. Here's a second shot of it. I wanted the straight neckline and the bow tied sweetly over each shoulder. Sadly, I just couldn't find one in second life.

So.....I decided to give this lovely dress a chance and I must say I'm glad I did. The neckline ruffle is beautiful and the lacy petticoat peeking out at the hemline is the perfect touch.

The only inconvenience is it's chest attachment point. My black pearls lost the argument with the neck ruffle.:)

This is such a classy romantic dress.

Hair: [V] Vignette

Audrey was modeled after Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina (1954). Zoom in to look at the top of the head on this one. I was able to find just the right curve.

Minx is fun, contemporary and a bit disorganized.

Dress - Ingenue, Kim - Coal
Gloves - Fleur
Pearl Earrings - Caroline's Jewelry
Seamed Stockings - Insolence, light grey seamed stockings
Skin - Curio, :GP: Classic-Sienna

Off to my next project:)