Monday, January 19, 2009


After a cr@ppy week I decided to shop and indulge. I usually have limits as to how much I'll spend for one dress. $400L is generally my very top end, but this weekend I wanted to do something good for myself. This sweet Lolita outfit is $800L...yes, you heard me right.

After I coughed up the $ and put it on, I must was worth it. I don't have a lot of sculpted skirts but I absolutely love this one. The bottom of the skirt is prim and flows beautifully (you get the best of both worlds). I especially like that when I move, my thigh peeks out in a very flirty sort of way. The heels came with the outfit!!! Let's not forget the tiny top hat AND the umbrella. I am proud to add this outfit to my Lolita collection.

My other indulgence was for my Sim. I saw this picnic set and just couldn't resist. I's a work of art. All sculpted and the most romantic poses *sighs*.

A little note about the Vignette sim - The snow mountain is back in place with the lovers cave - Woohoo!

ALSO showing in the vintage theater this week on Vignette is Charlie Chaplin's "The Kid" (1921). It's currently playing on a loop but feel free to tag me at anytime (and if it doesnt interupt anyone elses viewing) I would be happy to start it at the beginning for you:) The movie is one of the greatest silent films ever made.

So here's a date idea for you -
1 - Stop by and watch a silent classic with your sweetheart
2 - then take a walk and find this beautiful picnic spot
3 - Visit the hidden lovers cave

ALL on Vignette.

Outfit - Violent Seduction, Pinstripe Lolita
Picnic Blanket - Instinct Furniture

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