Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monkey Business

This is an avi, not a pet.

Since I do love roleplay and I did cover a puppy, why not find another special feral furry. A feral furry just means it walks on all 4's. Somehow I find them to be acceptable roleplay outfits. The 2 leggers I'm juuuust not ready for.

This little one could easily fit into many roleplays and even though most Gors say no furries, they do tend to find a 4 legged one ok (as long as the animal is mentioned in gor folklore). I'm happy to say a monkey, bear and even a few feral cat like creatures may fit in.

The monkey does have a great look and does come with a banana and an ao. When moving about I highly recommend the run (ctrl R). The gate is much more natural looking and attention getting.

I like lots of variety in ao's and this one could use a few more walks, sits and gestures. But it does come with the basics (and i think the puppy ao spoiled me).

The hat didnt come with him but I put one on to show that you can add your own! Several attachment points are available so you can add cuteness to this precious little monkey.

So be adventurous - give this little monkey a chance.

Avi - RIpped Winklers,

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swaffette Firefly said...

Ive had this avie for some time and its totally lived up to my expectations of it - its great fun when you want a change, and very cute, the textures are wonderful- theres a snow version too.