Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What do YOU Want to Do?

So today is all about 60's retro/casual. I slipped on my favorite flats and grabbed my Cardigan on the way out the door!

Beyond Imagination - an adventure? a mystery?

New OA, Beta Quadrant - yes indeed, home base of - The Green Lantern

Gotham City - roleplay

Sietar Intercultural Learning Space - a smart place

Animal Island - explore

World Formula Racing

Vignette - an Evening of Jazz and quiet moments

...and what am I wearing?

Hair - *katat0nik* (naturals) Lolli Hair, WOW - This is an all in one kinda hair. Just ckick it and select you color (13 colors to choose from) or click the ribbon (18 colors to choose from)..and ONLY $225 for everything!

Skin - Curio, :GP: Classic-Leaf

Shirt - Laqroki, Kiwi Boatneck Tee - very stylish in the 60's! If i could i would have gotten all of them.

Cardigan Sweater - Laqroki ~ Green Short open Cardigan - ok, ok...I DID get this fat pack:)

Capri - Armidi Limited - Capri, A001 Jeans [Dusted Industrial]

Shoes - Armidi Gisaci - Sasche Flats Brown (thank goodness they have these in tons of colors)

Well, off to see what else I can find!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


HEY!..let's play pirates,
or with the right accessories I could play a Dom!

Naaawww...I've never done the Dom thing (not that with the right motivation I wouldn't). Dang! You just hardly ever see any male subs in SL.

But a pirate, well, tons of parties with a pirate theme going on and some gorgeous ships built out there to sail. Now, if I could just find an all male crew, I would be a very happy Captain!

I do like the fact that I can get two looks out of one outfit. BTW, the very sexy stockings also come in the package.I picked this up over at BareRose, where the price is always low and the creativity is always high.

Now, the boots are my absolute favorite boots right now. The size and color of the hardware on the boots are changeable with a click.

Last, but not least, I wanted a hair style that wouldn't hide the collar and a color that would make the outfit pop. Mahogany is one of my favorite shades of red - and it is definately up to the task.

Hair - ETD Flapper - Mahogany
Skin - Fleur Vivant Almond Vin 3
Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Black Mist
Boots - *KL* Boots, Venice, black

40's Romance

I love the whole look of 1940's fashion.

Many period looks in SL are pulled off because you found just the right shoes or just the right hairstyle. This dress from Ivalde isn't like that. I could have worn any hair and this dress and it would still look vintage.

I tried to zoom on to the gorgeous fabric so you could get a closer look at the softness. Although this dress was labeled blue, it comes across as purple to me, so that is the color I highlighted. If I'm color blind, well let me know:). Regardless as to the color you choose, this dress captures the era perfectly. So please, take the time to zoom in on these images, you'll be glad you did.

For skin - Don't cha love freebies??? This was from the Gala and Rita Design Announcements group and is still listed in their notices if you go join their group right now! I have to say - I was at the store on opening day and bought tons of skin here. WOW - Thanks to Gala Phoenix for her incredible customer service:) She has a stunning product and went out of her way to make sure her customers were happy when SL was being a stinker. Cheers to Gala!

Hair - Joan Deep Black at the Curl up and Dye Salon.
Dress - Ivalde, Julianne
Manicure - J's Mainshop - Nail-J-SS(Silver)
Skin - Curio, :GP: Opaline-Nightshade, group gift - join now!
Shoes - Maitreya, Slinky Stiletto, Silver
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Romantic Obsidian Eyes
Jewelry - [Encore] Timeless Teardrop Earring and Timeless Single Strand Necklace

I did shop a bit this weekend and am looking forward to getting several entries posted soon!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Feeling Sassy

Whew! This has been a long week yay for Fridays!!

This little dress from BBBM has been mentioned by lots of other bloggers, but I thought - what the heck, I'll put in my 2 cents. When you first put it on you'll think...that's a really high waist, but then you slip on the skirt...make sure it lines up...then it happens, you fall in love with it. The dress has personality. It's sassy and fun.

The texture on the skirt is amazing, and the shadows on the skirt seem to ad a certain dimension that is rarely captured in SL skirts. Oh, and the skirt layers beautifully.

For hair, I went with the Rita style. I think it added a certain playfulness.

I wanted a bold sassy look and I think this pulled it off - Yay for retro!!

Dress - BBBM Epilogue Dress
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Paon 2
Hair - Artilleri, rita *black*
shoes - Maitreya, Slinky Stilettos Patent Red
Jewelry - Encore - Timeless Double Strand (tint them a nice dark red) I am incredibly happy that Tracy makes them mod!! This saves tons of space in my closet. Highly Recommended for those on a budget. Tinting is your friend.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ballet Blues

This stunning ballet costume may be found over at Silent Sparrow.

Don't you just love all the girlie trim? From the bow behind the neck to the garters at the back of the thigh, Coppelia is a keeper.

Love the textures! All that silver accenting a gorgeous iris color (comes in a variety of colors). The tulle adds fun and gives it all feeling of grace.

The makeup/skin was a no brainer. Classic-Nightshade by Gala at Curio was a group gift (Gala & Rita Design Announcements). Join now and look in notices!!

The gala skins were put out in their new store and look fabulous! I love the soft innocence of these makeups. They have so much personality!

As for shoes - I am going with the Armidi Silver Metallic flats. They're beautifully shaded and accent the silver on the dress perfectly.

The hair is simple, trim and very feminine. I am very attracted to simple straight bangs (they NEVER get in the way of eye lashes)

Well - time to head out and enjoy the weekend.

Dress - Silent Sparrow - (iris) Coppelia
Hair -
[Aden] Nicole (Black)
Skin - Curio
Classic-Nightshade (group gift but may also be bought in store) Woohoo! Gala Skins!!
Shoes -
[Armidi Gisaci] Sasche Flats, Metallic Silver
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Romantic Indigo Eyes
Eye Lashes -
*Sin Skins* Fluff Lashes

RFL - It's time

So what are you up to today?

I decided to drop in over at the RFL SIMS (35 of them). So much care, attention and love has gone into these projects.

I stumbled into Survivor Camp, and cried. As a 4th generation Texan this particular site spoke to my heart.

We have a huge event in Houston each year in which wagon trains pour into the city. We see them inching their way along... past the rural pastures, through the suburbs and across some of the larges and highest freeways in the world. Traffic stops.

The wagons begin to gather. It is a time of Celebration and Rodeo. When seen not in the news but right there..traveling past your business, restaurant, truck, and neighborhoods they were a powerful reminder of all our heros. They are a symbol of strength and tradition. Mom would always get so excited seeing them.

It's odd how some small thing could trigger such a powerful memory of my mom, my rock, my hero. She lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

Love you Mom!

Please donate. Find a luminarie - (they are trailed along the sidewalks). Light one with your donation...Celebrate and Remember, it's a tough fight, we need to do this.

RFR - Survivor Camp

Attention all Aggies (Texas A&M) - See what you can do, go visit Team Aggie.

Friday, July 18, 2008

American Indian

Hey everyone!

This is one of the newer releases over at BareRose. This outfit is American Indian, well, it is inspired by American Indian designs.

BareRose is never chintzy about what's put in their packages. This one does come with more pieces for the legs and arms that I decided not to wear. Take a close look at all the gorgeous details on this - from the necklace to the headband to the textures on the top. This is a very girlie look!

I did try to wear it to the Tombstone roleplay sims (8 of them) but sadly, they told me to cover up. Although the textures on this look a bit Apache, the tribe was much more conservative in the Tombstone days. I do agree, it is not period appropriate for that site. I am vary happy to say - tons of other American Indian sites are less strict. So get out there and have fun with this one!

Heads up - the hair band or the prim lashes...if one has to go for this look, which should it be? I choose to keep on the band:)

The question is, why didn't I wear the other arm and leg pieces? Well, this is a review, to be honest, I was hoping for a tighter fur effect. This is NOT a deal breaker for me. This outfit is loaded with fun and fantasy and is very much worth the price!

Sooo..the blue eyes and fair skin just means ....I was captured as a child and raised among them... Sure, let's go with that story!!

OMG!! - The Gala skins from skin fair are now in her store! These skins are a must buy!

Hair - straight, long, black and simple, Braids would have worked too. This hair was perfect!

Wish list - a sculpty ankle high moccasin with a leather sole. You know, not those store bought soles the pioneers had made, but soft leather made for protection and comfort. Plain and beaded would both be good! I simply could not find such a thing anywhere. ohhh - needs fringe too!!

Well, off to play!

Hair - ETD Katie - Black
Skin - :GP: Classic-Dew IN STORE NOW!
Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Western Eagle

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sexy Scotts

This is a cross between a Costume and a Global Design for me. The scottish plaid and the kitty one can pull it together like June Dion.

Love the plaid and the fact that it's a partial skirt with matching shorts brings out my flirty side:) *One note about the shorts (which are on the pant layer) - Go into edit mode and change the length to 47, otherwise you will find small skin slits behind the upper calf's. Easy easy easy fix!

The vest/shirt is a winner. Look close at the photo above - notice the the prim flexi sleeves that sort of drape over the white shirt sleeves. This means as your arms swing about (like most ao's want them too), the white sleeve and the flexi sleeves cross paths. Honestly, it didn't bother me at all. The tiny little shoulder pads and the vest look with the 3/4 sleeve gave the whole look attitude.

I wanted a subtle hair style since I had never worn ears like this before. Happy to say several ear colors come in the box. What cute ears!

The boots - oh them at the shoe expo..stunning or what?
*easy to resize
*can change the buckles and such from gold to silver
*and texture than makes me drool.
*Let's NOT forget the tiny little laces that swing in the back (a must buy).

Hair - Frangipani Hair, >FD Hair< Sarah - Espresso
Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Scottish Fold (# outfits in the box + 3 sets of ears for only
Boots - Kitties Lair - KneeHigh Boot's Venice (also at her booth at the shoe expo)
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Paon 2
Well - I'm off to explore a bit.

On a side note - I have had contact with my ex partner....I think with some work, we can work this out. Rachel does her happy dance!

Of course - I have a few nice places I have visited lately and would like to suggest the following:

Statue of Liberty

Ebbets Field

Egypt Nile Valley - 4 sims of rp, the landing point looks thrown together, but once on the ground - very well done.

Atlantis -

HEAVEN'S ABOVE - Formal Dance

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Places to

Talk about drama...this dress has it!

It's an all in one box combination - you just can't beat that.
I did notice when wearing the long gown, i do get a tiny peek a boo in the back, but i felt that added to the charm of the gown. The texture of the bottom trim is a very feminine netting - beautiful!

Then we have the system short dress - the little up slit in the front adds a certain sexiness to it and wow - talk about class! Of course the back of the dress has a beautifully detailed lace up from top to bottom.

The garter - love love the garter. When you're on a date and the evening is going you stop to cuddle...if you want to disrobe a bit...this is such a classy way to do it.


Brooklyn is Watching -

dr muglerstein - i stumbled into this one

Unforgiven Isle -

and a few places spotted earlier this week:

Loco Pocos Island spotted by Ana Lutetia

Sanas Mountain View spotted by

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Global Designs

It's a privilege to show beautiful costumes that highlight a cultural group or a cultures history. So I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna add another category of outfits called Global Designs.

There isn't a better way to start this category then as a Zulu Maiden. Ok - I'm just gonna spit it out. The costume is rich in culture and gorgeous... and yup....the Afro is fun!!

I am not wearing the skin that came with the outfit simply because every skin fits a bit different on different people. This is my favorite dark skin which was in my closet so I had to show it!

I love the way the arm bands and leggings fit and the way they sway when I walk (makes me feel girlie). But this outfit also makes me feel more assertive. If I could just get away with wearing it to a dance!

The headdress in the box is unique and does work very well with the Zulu Maiden

Unfortunately, I can be shy - the ballrooms of SL are tough for me. I absolutely freeze and am unable to ask a man to dance. Drives me nuts! This is the type of outfit that gives shy people an edge. Maybe it's the shield and Nguni Stick...

The afro is such a fun sort of wobbles about when I walk...and I don't mean in a bad way. It's an absolute keeper for me and comes in many colors!

I do hope at some point to get a smaller afro, let me know if you find anything.

Outfit - 'ON (Ookami Ningen) - Zulu Maiden
Skin - Fleur Vivant Chestnut Sultry 3
Hair - MAU's & MEJ's, ::Afro small
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Intense Brown Eyes

Been playing catchup at my rl work this week ...yesh, gone 2 weeks and the paperwork looks like a tower.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Aria in Blue

I wanted to take a quick moment to show you this new one from Evie's closet.

I tend to really like textures that maintain a lush look, and this one does accomplish just that.

It's such a flowing romantic gown. *sighs*

The hair wreath is in the box! Its very delicate and it's easy enough to go into edit to shift it about if you need it to. Beautiful accessories are a major selling point for me!

This is my first day back at my real job after vacation. It was soooo hard to get up and going this morning. Yesh, lots of work to catch up on.

Dress - Evie's Closet, Blue Aria
Hair - ETD Katterina - Black
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Romantic Ocean Eyes
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Paon 2

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Black Ballet

This is just a quickie, but when I put it on I just knew I had to blog it.

I love this black ballerina. I don't have all the pieces on that came in the box because this is more of a mix/match outfit for me. I wanted a simple elegant look.

So...I 'm wearing the main outfit (which I bought over at snatch 2 hours before she ran the 1/2 off sale (crud i hate when that happens).

Then...i went digging for my Armidi - Sasche flats in black, and my tights from Fleur. Check the clothing store right next to the skin store. These stockings are not just any stockings. You need to wear 2 items..the underwear and the socks in the Tap box.

As for hair, I don't wear this style often. It's a great little updo (take a close look at the back) but these sort of bangs don't always do well for me in photos. I took extra shots and it paid off.

Another new skin for me:). This one is from Coquette and has a very subtle look. I do know a red lipstick would have made a difference in the photo, but I really needed something simple today, just for me:)

Gloves....args! A big frustration in the game for me. When i slip on a glove, I don't want it to just be a black color added to my arms. Please note - these are NOT the ones that came with this gorgeous Murder Ballet dress. These were just random black ones in my closet.

I want black velvet gloves with lace trim..:(

Outfit - :::Sn@tch Murder Ballet
Stockings - Fleur for Women, TaP Opaque Tights Black
Skin - [Coquette.] Delish (T1) - Bare 1
Shoes - Armidi - Sasche Flats
Hair - Magika Hair - Nice - Black
Black gloves from your closet.

Well, off to explore a bit!


Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!! Need Places to Go?

A very happy 4th of July to everyone - get out and so something special!

This is also a great day for sales, yes, you heard me....Retrology is having a fantastic sidewalk sale. The little casual outfit I'm wearing today was 1/2 off over at Ingenue - but you need to go to their location at Retrology.

Outfit - Ingenue - Sailor Doll (on sale, retrology))
Hair - Ingenue, Bombshell ~ Natural Black (main store)
Skin - (MF) (Marianela Skins)Aylen Medium Natural-Glossy BlackE
Shoes - [Armidi Gisaci] Sasche Flats, white
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Romantic Ocean Eyes

Now that you have your exploring clothes on, where to? i have a few suggestions to add to my list. Check them out.

Places to Go:

The back yard to the Greenies home has opened!!
Greenies Lawn Rezzable - Feel the Green

AW Combat Area - if your lookin' for a fight. Dayum - This is where I need to be this week. Rachel starts digging in her closet for the military gear (see Costume/Roleplay list on the rt). Wow - i like the intro note here - nice and simple!

Principality of Picklefish - This place felt fresh to me. Cuddles, dancing, exploring.... well worth the visit.

Shade Fantasy Outfitters - If you like Botanical Gardens, your gonna love this place!

For the stay at home sort - check out some nice SL Machinima:

India in Second Life

Passage to Zhong Fu

30 Odd Days - Forsythe Whitfield

The Future is Hear

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Taking a Few Moments

Wanted to post this one. It's just too lovely to pass up.

I like that it's different, sort of Mary Poppins look. That my friends would put the year at 1910

As you may notice I am wearing my comfort hair. Maya is the hair that helped me define my place in Second Life. I know, it doesn't go with 1910, but I needed it today. As a bonus - not a single hair was edited to fit into this hat....that has to mean something.

BareRose - great prices, tons of variety in the box and they always seem to have a unique style. This is one of those outfits that you don't appreciate until you have it on. Only $140L and the overcoat comes in three colors (black, red and dark purple) ALL in one box.

It's hard to imagine how quickly styles changed between 1910 and 1925.

The shoes/boots are are incredibly detailed (you may notice I have swung the camera about for an upshot).

The hat of course comes with the outfit. I only wish it came with two possible connection points. This one only came on the eeks! I had to put away my prim lashes for this one.

Damn - I feel naked without my lashes. I decided to find a makeup that would be bold about the eyes . So I choose Fleur Boutique Lotus Shoujo 4, which has that long makeup line just past the corner of the eye. I was very happy to find that this skin was up to the job!

Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Mistress of Occultism
Skin - Fleur Boutique Lotus Shoujo 4
Shoes - TESLA - ZiggyHeels *birth*
Hair - [ND] "Maya" - Black Pearl

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 4th Freebie and A $1L!!

Had to make note of these goodies today!

One is a new group gift and the other is a one does it like Ivalde.

When you get to Ivalde - remember she is renovating, so the store is in the sky. A toast to Nef - for making her group the best!

As for the other items I'm wearing -

The hair was a winner for me - soft, bouncy, casual...and playful!

The shoes were a the perfect color and the perfect style..not to mention quality all the way.

As for the jewelry - A big heads up for Encore white pearls. I have to admit - my sl budget must be kept in check and if you only get 1 set of pearls for your wardrobe get the Encore white ones. They are mod.

Ladies, Tinting is a HUGE money saver and very easy to do. RT click the item, go to edit then select the textures tab - you see 2 boxes...the left is the pattern (don't touch that one!). The little box on the right is a simple color (like white), double click it and simple change to another color!

It is just that simple!!

Be sure to make a back up copy of your item, just to be safe:)

Hair - [ FB ] (Frangipani Designs) Charity - Black, by Rach Snookums - it's a beautiful hair but i couldn't find it as i went looking to ml the store this morning. more than likely things didn't fully rez when i was there:(
Dresses - Ivalde - get both dresses at the front entry. For the group dress, be shure to wear your tag.
Jewelry - Encore, White Pearls
Skin - :GP: Classic-Vex by Gala Phoenix (not in the store:(
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Romantic Ocean Eyes
Lashes - *Sin Skins* Fluff Lashes

Where do you go to Explore?

Yesh, I am trying to cover all the angles on this outfit - but there are so many. This one easily falls into the costume category. I like the simple vest with britches and boots - it gives the "I'm working in a barn" on a Saturday morning kind of feeling.

As I slipped on the jacket I noticed the tails of the jacket are on the skirt layer so you'll have to adjust your hips between your regular hip width and your system skirt width......and on a side note - if you wear the glove layer (gives the ruffle about the sleeve) you can not wear a manicure.

As you zoom in on the shirt and vest - take a look at the painted details - That's talent! This is a gorgeous riding outfit. It all clings so beautifully.

The boots are a new buy for me - I just love dangly bits on boots!! These remind me of my Justin Ropers. The laces are beautifully done. These boots - make me happy...they feel like home to me.

Well - time to explore a bit.
Thought I would add a few spots on my places to go list this morning. So next time you're feeling restless or want to drag your sweetie on a date - go explore!

Tipp Arena (4 sims) - when pigs fly!

Dreamland -

Playboy - cuz you know he'll wanna check it out.

Serenity Forest - a romantic getaway

CARP - Capture Roleplay, don't panic..just pop in, observe - you are safe in the landing zone. The floor is transparent so you may look down and appreciate the activities. You will be happy to know they do offer classes - there are several ways to play this one.

Tusk - explore

Pirate's Grotto - explore

Star Wars City and Dune Sea - Time for some roleplay! Wear the observer tag provided until you are ready to play.

Outfit - Lady Darcy Tux Set, Nicky Ree
Boots - J's Sidezipper boots, black
Skin - *Sin Skins* BETA no.2 (aurora) (not out yet - still in beta:)
Hair - ETD Nadia - Black

On a side note I think I may add another category of clothing.
I love the ethnic/regional (asian, indian, african...) look. Hmmmm..worth thinking about.