Saturday, July 12, 2008

Places to

Talk about drama...this dress has it!

It's an all in one box combination - you just can't beat that.
I did notice when wearing the long gown, i do get a tiny peek a boo in the back, but i felt that added to the charm of the gown. The texture of the bottom trim is a very feminine netting - beautiful!

Then we have the system short dress - the little up slit in the front adds a certain sexiness to it and wow - talk about class! Of course the back of the dress has a beautifully detailed lace up from top to bottom.

The garter - love love the garter. When you're on a date and the evening is going you stop to cuddle...if you want to disrobe a bit...this is such a classy way to do it.


Brooklyn is Watching -

dr muglerstein - i stumbled into this one

Unforgiven Isle -

and a few places spotted earlier this week:

Loco Pocos Island spotted by Ana Lutetia

Sanas Mountain View spotted by

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