Sunday, July 20, 2008

RFL - It's time

So what are you up to today?

I decided to drop in over at the RFL SIMS (35 of them). So much care, attention and love has gone into these projects.

I stumbled into Survivor Camp, and cried. As a 4th generation Texan this particular site spoke to my heart.

We have a huge event in Houston each year in which wagon trains pour into the city. We see them inching their way along... past the rural pastures, through the suburbs and across some of the larges and highest freeways in the world. Traffic stops.

The wagons begin to gather. It is a time of Celebration and Rodeo. When seen not in the news but right there..traveling past your business, restaurant, truck, and neighborhoods they were a powerful reminder of all our heros. They are a symbol of strength and tradition. Mom would always get so excited seeing them.

It's odd how some small thing could trigger such a powerful memory of my mom, my rock, my hero. She lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

Love you Mom!

Please donate. Find a luminarie - (they are trailed along the sidewalks). Light one with your donation...Celebrate and Remember, it's a tough fight, we need to do this.

RFR - Survivor Camp

Attention all Aggies (Texas A&M) - See what you can do, go visit Team Aggie.

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Rachelle Munro said...

Rachel---thanks for the mention! RFL was such a great fundraiser in SL--the residents and teams raised over $200,000 USD to fight cancer.

Love your blog!

--Rachelle Munro
Texas Aggie Student Group in SL