Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where do you go to Explore?

Yesh, I am trying to cover all the angles on this outfit - but there are so many. This one easily falls into the costume category. I like the simple vest with britches and boots - it gives the "I'm working in a barn" on a Saturday morning kind of feeling.

As I slipped on the jacket I noticed the tails of the jacket are on the skirt layer so you'll have to adjust your hips between your regular hip width and your system skirt width......and on a side note - if you wear the glove layer (gives the ruffle about the sleeve) you can not wear a manicure.

As you zoom in on the shirt and vest - take a look at the painted details - That's talent! This is a gorgeous riding outfit. It all clings so beautifully.

The boots are a new buy for me - I just love dangly bits on boots!! These remind me of my Justin Ropers. The laces are beautifully done. These boots - make me happy...they feel like home to me.

Well - time to explore a bit.
Thought I would add a few spots on my places to go list this morning. So next time you're feeling restless or want to drag your sweetie on a date - go explore!

Tipp Arena (4 sims) - when pigs fly!

Dreamland -

Playboy - cuz you know he'll wanna check it out.

Serenity Forest - a romantic getaway

CARP - Capture Roleplay, don't panic..just pop in, observe - you are safe in the landing zone. The floor is transparent so you may look down and appreciate the activities. You will be happy to know they do offer classes - there are several ways to play this one.

Tusk - explore

Pirate's Grotto - explore

Star Wars City and Dune Sea - Time for some roleplay! Wear the observer tag provided until you are ready to play.

Outfit - Lady Darcy Tux Set, Nicky Ree
Boots - J's Sidezipper boots, black
Skin - *Sin Skins* BETA no.2 (aurora) (not out yet - still in beta:)
Hair - ETD Nadia - Black

On a side note I think I may add another category of clothing.
I love the ethnic/regional (asian, indian, african...) look. Hmmmm..worth thinking about.

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