Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ballet Blues

This stunning ballet costume may be found over at Silent Sparrow.

Don't you just love all the girlie trim? From the bow behind the neck to the garters at the back of the thigh, Coppelia is a keeper.

Love the textures! All that silver accenting a gorgeous iris color (comes in a variety of colors). The tulle adds fun and gives it all feeling of grace.

The makeup/skin was a no brainer. Classic-Nightshade by Gala at Curio was a group gift (Gala & Rita Design Announcements). Join now and look in notices!!

The gala skins were put out in their new store and look fabulous! I love the soft innocence of these makeups. They have so much personality!

As for shoes - I am going with the Armidi Silver Metallic flats. They're beautifully shaded and accent the silver on the dress perfectly.

The hair is simple, trim and very feminine. I am very attracted to simple straight bangs (they NEVER get in the way of eye lashes)

Well - time to head out and enjoy the weekend.

Dress - Silent Sparrow - (iris) Coppelia
Hair -
[Aden] Nicole (Black)
Skin - Curio
Classic-Nightshade (group gift but may also be bought in store) Woohoo! Gala Skins!!
Shoes -
[Armidi Gisaci] Sasche Flats, Metallic Silver
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Romantic Indigo Eyes
Eye Lashes -
*Sin Skins* Fluff Lashes

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