Saturday, July 5, 2008

Black Ballet

This is just a quickie, but when I put it on I just knew I had to blog it.

I love this black ballerina. I don't have all the pieces on that came in the box because this is more of a mix/match outfit for me. I wanted a simple elegant look.

So...I 'm wearing the main outfit (which I bought over at snatch 2 hours before she ran the 1/2 off sale (crud i hate when that happens).

Then...i went digging for my Armidi - Sasche flats in black, and my tights from Fleur. Check the clothing store right next to the skin store. These stockings are not just any stockings. You need to wear 2 items..the underwear and the socks in the Tap box.

As for hair, I don't wear this style often. It's a great little updo (take a close look at the back) but these sort of bangs don't always do well for me in photos. I took extra shots and it paid off.

Another new skin for me:). This one is from Coquette and has a very subtle look. I do know a red lipstick would have made a difference in the photo, but I really needed something simple today, just for me:)

Gloves....args! A big frustration in the game for me. When i slip on a glove, I don't want it to just be a black color added to my arms. Please note - these are NOT the ones that came with this gorgeous Murder Ballet dress. These were just random black ones in my closet.

I want black velvet gloves with lace trim..:(

Outfit - :::Sn@tch Murder Ballet
Stockings - Fleur for Women, TaP Opaque Tights Black
Skin - [Coquette.] Delish (T1) - Bare 1
Shoes - Armidi - Sasche Flats
Hair - Magika Hair - Nice - Black
Black gloves from your closet.

Well, off to explore a bit!


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