Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rich and Classy

Oh wow - Is this dress stunning or what?? Loving the deep dark red and all the little folds. This one's all about class. The gloves came with the dress and are clearly the cherry on top!

The skin from Curio will have just the perfect shade of red to work with this dress and the flushed cheeks are just perfect!

As for hair, I wanted a vintage style to complement the dress. The Grable is very detailed with it's rolls but still manages to pull off a soft look.

So get out, go shopping and have some fun this week!

Places to go and Things to Do:

Splitsville - bowling
Hawaiian Mountains

Dress - L'Abel, Kesara maroon
Shoes - Maitreya Slinky Stiletto
Hair - [V] Vignette Grable Liquorice
Skin - :GP: Curio Petal [Light] Lovely-Vintage Rose 1
Earrings - *GField* Pearl Earring "Soliste" -silver/dark-
Seamed Stockings - Light Grey Seamed Stockings by INSOLENCE

Monday, March 23, 2009

Scottish Fun

I really don't find many ladies kilts out there so this one did catch my eye. I have to admit I love all the bits and pieces it comes with. Wearable options make all the difference!

The textures are just georgous and I love the fringe in the front. You will need to edit the fringe bits down just a bit if you decide to wear just the open laced jacket with it. If you know how to mod individual linked pieces,this should be no problem at all.

As for the boots, I wanted dark leather and I wanted them to have the feel of old medieval flat boots. These were perfect!. I am happy to say the tint of these boots are mod so I could make them as dark as I liked!

Hair - Cake - Berlin - Burgundy
Dress - RFyre Bytterwynds, Womens Kilt Series, Green
Skin - :GP: Curio Petal FREX [Light] Lovely-Olive Branch 1
Boots - PM Pixel Mode Beebs Suede Flat Boot
Eyes - Poetic Colors - eyes by LL - bright - forest treasure. Incredible eyes! I wish I could afford the dark fat pack *cries*

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cleaning Up

Yes, I've made changes on the Vignette sim.

I wanted a dance area with cuddles so I figured why not. When you have a chance - come check out the dance floors (4 of them). I wanted four because I look forward to changing their themes up a bit on occasion. You will also notice the silent film going on in the background. The movies are for all the folks in sl who might not be able to have the music cranked up. I find silent movies terribly romantic.. The music on the sim has changed a bit in order to reflect the new mood.

Not only are they great dance floors but you'll also find great little areas to sit and chat with friends and sweethearts. So stop by and take a look!

I sure hope everyone checked out Blonde's a few weeks ago when I blogged their amazing free apron. Well, check this one out -

Event: BLONDE Spring Launch
Time: 2pm SLT Sunday 22nd March
Duration: DJ Azu (Azufr3 Catteneo) 2pm - 4pm
Freebies and discounted items available from 2pm onwards

I was passed this amazing little apron and told of the event which I am going to make every effort to get to (rl may pinch the time). It also comes with a colorful long duster AND yellow prim cleaning gloves that pull the whole look together!

If you've ever thought of going to the retro side...this is an excellent place to start your journey. On a scale of 5 .....I give Blonde's 5 dancing retro stars for excellence!

BLONDE has the most amazing retro household goods for the 1950's. Stop by!

Hair - Artilleri - Sabina hair *jet black*
Shirt - Artilleri - darla shirt
Capris - Armidi Limited - (F/Capri) A001 Jeans [Dark Classic]
Shoes - >TRUTH< href="http://slurl.com/secondlife/Curio/166/129/36">Curio) Petal [Light] Sunny-Cloud 1
Apron - Blonde's - check out that Spring Launch!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tragic Lolita

I didn't see this skin coming. In the box there were 2 skins one broken and one not broken - So what are you waiting for? - Try on the demos and keep your fingers crossed at the lucky chair. This one's a keeper!

As for the dress - It's beautiful but a bit pricey over at Curious Kitties. It does come with shoes but I wanted a more period look and the shoes that came with it just weren't my thing, so I went for my birth boots from Tesla. It is an AMAZING dress!

Luv the hair! My favorite braids - I should learn to make braids....

Hair - AOHARU_HAIR_Sala01d(Black)
Skin - .::Tyranny Designs::.-wrath - Lorena - Broken
Dress - Dark Beauty Dress at Curious Kitties
Shoes - TESLA - *birth*

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sharing Your Man!

How many long term Second Life couples do you know? I’m talking couples that have been together for at least a year. They are incredibly rare. These are the couples that are beyond the infatuation stage. They have absolute trust and faith in each other. Many have ridden the rollercoaster of drama but they always hang on.

There comes a moment when they have a real relationship breakthrough. Maybe they’re on the dance floor checking out the other people in the room. Some stranger im’s one of you and begins to flirt (Let’s be honest – it’s always some woman hitting on your guy).

Your guy being the fun adventurous sort that he is, shows you the flirty IM of the “other woman”. You begin to honestly trust this tall handsome guy you’re dancing with. For goodness sake, the two of you have been together “forever” by sl standards. You’ve learned to argue, adventure and explore with him.

At this point in the dance you know he’s coming home with you. The guy wants to be exactly where he is. His flirting continues with the other lady but oddly enough he shares the dialogue with you. No doubt about it - it’s just a silly flirtation. Goodness knows after a year you’ve flirted a bit yourself with other men.

You realize flirting with others is fun, because you’re sharing that flirting game with your partner. The partner you love. You are both smiling ….teasing with each other …and with others …and it’s good.

At some point in my own two year relationship with Kairos, we learned to share. Our relationship blossomed. We realized we could open the relationship, but no longer wear our partnerships in our profiles. Shoot, if we did THAT no one would ask me to dance and not as many ladies would whisper in his ear.

I guess I should get to the point here. Where are the couples who enjoy spending time with other couples? We are a sharing flirty couple who want to hang out with other sharing flirty couples. We tried joining the swinging groups, but as you click through their member ship list you realize…dang - hardly any partnered people there. Besides – they seem to just be on the look out for sex and only sex.

My guy and I wanted more…we were greedy. We wanted friends – flirty teasing friends. The kind that know how to share if the moment comes but love their own partners.

Ok, I’m getting off my box and heading off to explore.

Hair - TRUTH Tahlia 2 - cocoa
Pants - ::: B@R ::: Lowrise Heavy Cargo DarkBrown Belt
Shirt - [Renegade] Urban Ranger Banded Tank camo
Skin - :GP: Petal [Light] Lovely-Pure 2
Dog Tags - M'z - Lucky Chair!
Boots - [ON] Zero Number Wo Boots

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Places to Go and Things to Do

El at photographingsl.com brought this great druid to my attention - Thanks!!

Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Dryad
Hair - AOHARU_HAIR_Kathy05d(Chocolate)
Skin - :GP: Petal FREX [Dark] Lovely-Olive Branch 1
Eyes - Laqroki ~ Reflect lightgreen eyes

Places to Go and Things to Do!!!

The Pencil Factory - Interactive Art
Museo del Metaverso - Again - Interactive Art
Seri's Garden - a very pretty little garden
Zweet ZurroundingZ - another pretty garden to explore, a very pretty little dance room to be found here too
Qar Elven Forest - An amazing forest - this is where I did the photos for this post.

Second Life Swing
The Visitor
Strange Fruit
The Spy Who Lives Here

Sorry this is so short for now but it's been a busy busy...drama filled week for me in SL. Sure hope to blog about my latest adventure very soon but for now - off to explore!