Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cleaning Up

Yes, I've made changes on the Vignette sim.

I wanted a dance area with cuddles so I figured why not. When you have a chance - come check out the dance floors (4 of them). I wanted four because I look forward to changing their themes up a bit on occasion. You will also notice the silent film going on in the background. The movies are for all the folks in sl who might not be able to have the music cranked up. I find silent movies terribly romantic.. The music on the sim has changed a bit in order to reflect the new mood.

Not only are they great dance floors but you'll also find great little areas to sit and chat with friends and sweethearts. So stop by and take a look!

I sure hope everyone checked out Blonde's a few weeks ago when I blogged their amazing free apron. Well, check this one out -

Event: BLONDE Spring Launch
Time: 2pm SLT Sunday 22nd March
Duration: DJ Azu (Azufr3 Catteneo) 2pm - 4pm
Freebies and discounted items available from 2pm onwards

I was passed this amazing little apron and told of the event which I am going to make every effort to get to (rl may pinch the time). It also comes with a colorful long duster AND yellow prim cleaning gloves that pull the whole look together!

If you've ever thought of going to the retro side...this is an excellent place to start your journey. On a scale of 5 .....I give Blonde's 5 dancing retro stars for excellence!

BLONDE has the most amazing retro household goods for the 1950's. Stop by!

Hair - Artilleri - Sabina hair *jet black*
Shirt - Artilleri - darla shirt
Capris - Armidi Limited - (F/Capri) A001 Jeans [Dark Classic]
Shoes - >TRUTH< href="">Curio) Petal [Light] Sunny-Cloud 1
Apron - Blonde's - check out that Spring Launch!!!

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