Sunday, March 1, 2009

Places to Go and Things to Do

El at brought this great druid to my attention - Thanks!!

Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Dryad
Hair - AOHARU_HAIR_Kathy05d(Chocolate)
Skin - :GP: Petal FREX [Dark] Lovely-Olive Branch 1
Eyes - Laqroki ~ Reflect lightgreen eyes

Places to Go and Things to Do!!!

The Pencil Factory - Interactive Art
Museo del Metaverso - Again - Interactive Art
Seri's Garden - a very pretty little garden
Zweet ZurroundingZ - another pretty garden to explore, a very pretty little dance room to be found here too
Qar Elven Forest - An amazing forest - this is where I did the photos for this post.

Second Life Swing
The Visitor
Strange Fruit
The Spy Who Lives Here

Sorry this is so short for now but it's been a busy busy...drama filled week for me in SL. Sure hope to blog about my latest adventure very soon but for now - off to explore!

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