Friday, October 1, 2010

Rumors and Gossip - Microsoft and Lindens...Together?

So October 13th is the big day. Mesh Open Beta begins.  Is this something to look forward to?

What is a Mesh?, well, it allows 3d folks on the outside to create content, texture it and even hook it all together to make one prim..... then they bring it into SL and sell it. They'll be using programs like Blender and Maya. Within those programs they will make their own sculpts....bake on their own textures...and then turn something (like a coat or a house) into just one prim and sell it. It is a 3D professionals dream.

Are you going to buy a one prim coat with baked on textures or a 30 prim coat put together inworld? Mesh will separate the professionals from the mainstream sl builder. To be honest, I'd buy the one prim house if pressed!

I buy sculpts and textures. I make stuff and give it away because I can, but I am not a 3D professional.

So think of all the builders, sculpters and texture makers - how will they fit into this new plan? What will happen to the economy? Seems to me the professionals will make money - LOTS of it. Businesses in sl will hurt - a lot.

Who will love it? 3D artists/professionals and all those who come into the game just to flirt, adventure and explore.
Who will dislike it? The creative people already in SL. Dang, they come to build and have stores. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. Sort of like a "Eureka!!" moment:) This will be taken from the vast majority of them.

Rumors are out there -

The words Microsoft and Linden Labs, all in the same sentences????   What is THAT all about?
2nd here
3rd here 

Hey wait a second - Microsoft may buy Linden Labs? Dang...AND mesh that allows ubber professionals to make real $ ahead of the rest of us in Second Life? Ok - somebody wake me up...

Lot's to think about on this ....

Rachel Boram