Monday, June 30, 2008


I may not be able to post as much this week. My SL partner and I have had to step back from each other. I've only had one partner and we had been together for well over a year as first friends, then more:)

Relationships can end for any number of reasons:
They get on your nerves
You don't love each other
Taking you for granted
Constant Arguments
you have nothing in common but Chemistry...
....I could go on and on.

There is one other reason, a much more complicated one. How many times does it need to be said? SL and RL should never EVER mix. Well, if that's true - then it's not love.

As you drive your car and think of the other or move about the day changing your schedule a bit so you can spend time with him/her.....At these points, it leaves the game. It is real.

Most of us have RL family, jobs, community. So how do we balance not only our time, but our feelings? Does something have to give? So does this mean we stand between our loved one and their real life? their spouse? their job? their community?

I guess what I am saying is that sometimes you break up because you love each other.

I'm rambling. well off to the shower.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lets Explore a Bit!

It's the weekend and we should all take a break from shopping and building and just explore. People put so much love and creativity into their builds - they deserve to be seen.

- Planet of Taris/Furious Star Wars Avatars (for all the Star Wars Geeks out there everywhere)

Loki Island, Goony Island - ahh - what a fun place to explore with a friend.

Tiny Tykes Kids Mall & Adoption - (ok, I admit it..i got on everything with a pose - it was a hoot! This is a mall to have fun at!)

Well, if you would rather just have girls night - check out the Fitting Room for Woman (Spa) at Barerose. Be sure to stop at the front desk for all the little things things you'll need:) No men allowed. Nawww - it's not about sex - it's just a girl thing!

House of Cyr - explore the Sim!

Romantic Isle of Jade -

Emvee Cuba - based on a real place

Hair - This is a new one by Sabina Gully at Magika Hair called Mini (in platinum)

Skin - Gala Skins, :GP: Classic-Dew (not available in store yet) I wanted a clean minimalist look.

Outfit - Chaospire "Woodnymph" Hand-painted creation by Devyn - I love this outfit! It does come with gloves and stockings but again, I liked the minimalist look. Besides, I couldn't think of footwear that would work with this outfit. for me, nymphs should be barefoot.

Be prepared - your rear will be flashed a bit - but for me, i don't think a nymph should care about things like that. In the photo above, the wind really was blowing a bit:). My guy loved it!

Have fun!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

All Dressed Up

I swear this had to have been one of the most difficult photo shoots for me. Even with the Muse Windlight settings, things were not going well. It had to do with the lighting in the club and the fog.... Club owners out there - THE FOG IS OVERRATED!

On the other hand I couldn't get a single photo that did justice to this gown. The bodice is incredibly detailed and worth every linden paid. The sleeves have this puffy translucent quality that whispers romance and the gloves add a classy, sensuous feel to the outfit.

I did not photo the many skirts that come with this dress because there were so many - I selected the two which had the most historical drama for me:) Victorian and well...what is that other look? I've seen it in both movies and pictures but I cant for the life of me pin it down to an exact era.

The hat is gorgeous. When i first set it on my head it felt...big. Don't let that worry you, the big hat look was very popular back in the day. I shrunk it the tiniest bit, and then started looking for just the right hair - Oh my - that was freaking hard! I wasn't about to mod the hat for the hair.

Finally! I put on this soft updo and it was perfect. I did not have to mod the hair(Whew!). I think 2 or 3 very small strands are visible in the back but that's because I had shrunk the hat a bit.

Dress - Nicky Ree - Divine SiSi Combo Gown Antique Purple

Skin - Marianela Skins - (MF) Aylen Medium Dark BlackE (this makeup highlighted the whole look)

Hair - ETD Janae - Black

Hat - Nicky Ree - Divine SiSi Hat V2 -Antique Purple

Jewelry - ~Muse~ The Dauphine set (silver/frost)

Eyes - *Sin Skins* Luminous Pearl Eyes

Oops - Gotta run!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day in the Kingdom of Sand

Now where would I role play with such an outfit?

I chose Kingdom of Sand.

Once i put on the explorer tag which was provided I teleported to the city - Oh my - the city is stunning. I did wonder - would I be the only woman not in silks?

10 minutes later I found that some were dressed as free women and one or two visitors were dressed as they like - but most were wearing silks. I did not feel out of place at all. As i approached the city - many people were at the entrance (the Sim was almost full). I saw slaves, Masters and Citizens. They greeted me kindly and let me ask tons of questions.

Two of the women, Kalani and Akron were incredibly helpful. I asked if there was any place i should avoid and the answer was the catacombs. they offered to take me there i figured - Why not!!

The journey was long and confusing. Makes me wonder if this was a hidden sort of place, hmm. As we entered I heard sounds in the distance. Sounded like a master handling his slave...we paused and kept moving forward.

Some live in the catacombs...the undead. One seemed to have slipped up from below to investigate us. She seemed a dangerous sort. Kalani and Akros answered her questions and we decided not to go any deeper.

I was not there to just take photos - I was there to explore and poke about. I don't think I've ever entered a roleplay Sim where it was so easy to make friends. For all the folks I met there today, a big Thanks!
As soon as I post this blog I plan to return to the city, perhaps to go deeper into the catacombs by myself.

As for what I am wearing:

I could have worn silks here - but I wanted something more mysterious. I could wear the mask or not - as I could wear the cape or not. This is a very flexible outfit that is beautifully made. The hip part of the tunic is on the skirt layer - so be prepared to wear your system skirt shape. Of course you could choose not to wear the lower tunic and just go with the loose bloomer look. Lots of possibilities here!

The skulpties were very well done and i love the edges of the cape!

For the eyes I wanted something piercing - something that would make a person look twice (since everything else was covered up:)

I also added some simple black stockings from my closet and my Comfy Boots from Shiny Things. I wanted boots with a moccasin feel to them..flats. I wanted the look of an Explorer.

Skin - Marianela Skins - Aylen Medium Natural-Glossy BlackE (one of my favorites!)

Outfit - *SRD* (Silver Rose) WoTBS - Scorpion Tribe II, Teal

Boots - Shiny Things, Comfy Boots

Eyes - [E's] Bubbles - Silver

The cherry on top for me today was this incredible location - roleplay gotta check this one out!

.::Kingdom of Sand::. Capture Roleplay in Fantasy Arabian city

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lolita - In Very Cherry

Wow - an 11 piece set - each very well done -

Very Cherry has great details and textures that pop (and it comes is 10 beautiful colors)! For me, the cherry on top is the little neck bow - it seems sweet but still provocative. Something about Lolitas bring out my ultra feminine side *sighs*

The hair was the perfect Lolita topper - It has a soft, gentle look that's full of fun. I didn't have to move a single hair to wear the little hat!

The skin is a new one for me - it's absolutely beautiful. As I slipped it on - it was a perfect fit. Really - Zoom in on it - If I could afford the whole freaking fat pack - I would get it!!! It has a very well blended feel to it. Go check out these demos.

Once I bought the dress, I just had to buy the matching boots, but if your on a budget, see if you have a black boot with a lolly feel to it in your closet.

This is an outfit to show off!

Dress - *katat0nik* (blue) Very Cherry, blue (includes cute little hat and stockings)
Boots - *katat0nik* Ghostfire Boots (blue) (to match dress)
Skin - (MF) Aylen Medium Natural-Glossy BlackE
Eyes - [E] Babydoll - Skai Blew!
Hair - *DH* (Diversity Hair) Carly - Coal

System Skirts

System skirts must be worn very carefully.

*You must trim your butt.

*You must try to keep your legs together at all times.

It can be done. I saw this one over at Shai and noticed something a little different. The designer understands the weaknesses of the system skirt.

Textures can be a pain in the rear with system skirts but Shai Delacroix has gone out of her way to make this as painless as possible. Take a look at the black trim along the hemline. You can see the tight little corner as it goes up. This means a much trimmer look as you stand/walk. This is how a system skirt can work.

Of course the rest of the dress is absolutely stunning - from the beautiful tube top with it's clean molded look to the sash which has detailed little folds that accent the waist.

I sort of went with the Mrs. Robinson look in the Graduate. I searched for a sophisticated makeup and beehive hairdo. 1967 - Oh NOOOO...Anne Bancroft was only 36 when she made that film! CRUD - makes me feel ....old.

On the otherhand - this outfit smokes!!

Dress - *Shai* Giraffe Fever
Hair - Sandee (Auburn) by Kaiti Designs
Shoes - Maitreya Slinky Stiletto
Makeup - Belleza- Douceur pale Cateyes Golden brown (no BM)
Bracelet - Armidi Gisaci - Triple Pearl Bracelet
Necklace -*G&S* Black Pearl Strand Necklace

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Retro-Futuristic Mess

Sweater - 1/4 Life Crisis - Black Belle Cardigan - Isn't it gorgeous?

Shirt - [SC] Surf Couture - Taggy Tank [white] This is a great tank! I proudly own the fat pack!! (18 colors) I am prepared for any matching crisis.

Skin - :GP: Classic-Sienna (not available in the store yet - makes me sad:(
Pants - Canimal, all that jazz capri, pinstrip (no longer available)

Shoes - Armidi - Sasche Flats, black

Hair - *TRUTH* Antonia - Sable (yay for the color changing ribbon:)

Where it counts, I'm a cardigan girl. I had dropped in over at Devotchka's store and this one jumped off the shelf at me. I just love how she describes her style on the landmark - 1/4 Life Crisis - A retro-futuristic mess. She manages to pull eye catching elements from retro and add a certain something special to it. This sweater is the cherry! There is a different sleeve style in the box but this is the one that sparkles for me:).

Such absolutely amazing detail in the sweater's embroidery.

Well, crud! You know your avi is old when some of the good stuff in your closet is discontinued. Canimal no longer carries these capris from what i can tell. They are a tad longer than most in sl which is what i needed. Capri's in the 50's and 60's were between the knee and ankle right in the middle or even a tad longer. Contemporary styles tend to fall between the shin and the knee. I know I know...what's 2 inches? (sighs)

Shesh - Armidi...went in to grab the lm for you on the flats and it was such a crawl. New releases at that sim make rezing impossible. On a positive note - love the flats!. New summer colors were put out today and be warned - they are not in the same building as these black ones are. The new colors are bright and bold and will definitely be shown in a future blog!

Off to do a bit of building - till next time!


Friday, June 20, 2008

1940's Style

This is the kind of skirt that makes me squeel! It has a unique skirt shape that I haven't seen anywhere else in Second Life. I've added several angles so you can see how the skirt has that sweet little flair half way down. Get this - it comes in 11 colors!! WOW - A great find for my 40's collection.

I scrolled through my closet looking for the perfect shirt and I don't think I could have done better than this one at Artilleries (which comes in 10 colors). Now if I could just get these 11 skirts and 10 shirts in the same room.....makes me wonder if there are more possibilities.

I knew the hair I wanted right away (over at Ingenue's). The bombshell is one of my absolute favorites over there.

I wanted a skin that would provide a bit of "pop" and lush red lips made it happen.These are a few places I have explored recently that I thought i would share:

The Windmill Island - (creative people like this make me jealous:))
Rhysland Park
Vanima Nore Isl -
Saudade Fado -
Union Island - Unions stand for something and we should not forget that. This is a smart link.

Skirt - *Thimbles* Luba
Hair - Ingenue, Bombshell, natural black
Shirt - Artilleri, Carlita top
Necklace - *EMJ* Single Strand Tiny Pearl Necklace
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff La Fleur
Shoes -Storm Schmooz Laque, in black
Earrings - Caroline's Black Pearl Earrings

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just a Little RolePlay

I saw this was released at BareRose and just had to have it! Some months back I had this incredible dirty garage as my private skybox. I was a bit wicked, but dang it was awesome. Nothing like getting dirty in Second Life:)

I swear BareRose gives more bang for the buck than any other shop in SL. This outfit comes in 3 colors (all in one box) for only $140L. Amazing. The only part that i decided not to wear was the black undershirt in the box.

About the black undershirt it comes with - When a strap crosses another strap right as it gets to the neck..I swear the visual makes me feel like I'm choking. Honestly, it does work with the just makes me feel a bit strangled. Soo...any tank will work with this outfit! If you don't have a good tank in a dozen colors stashed in your closet - you should. They are incredibly handy.

This fun mechanic outfit also comes with the cap which works very well with this hairstyle. I just shifted the bangs back a tad and let the pony tail ride out the back.

Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Mechanic Girl
Shoes - AKEYO, Chucks - worth every penny!
Hair - [Aden] Nicole
Skin - (MF) Aylen Medium Natural-Glossy BlackE (MARIANELA Skins)
Tank - (Iki) Short Tank: White 2 (darn - I can't find them in the store or i would give you the link) Tanks are very easy to find in SL but never buy the fat pack until you have at least bought one first.

Garages make hot roleplay scenes!

Well - time to get dirty:)


Monday, June 16, 2008

What Did You Get?

Wow, a sale at Ivaldes - you better rush over! It's not in the actual store so check out the Ivalde links I've added under the photos. these were my two favorite sale dresses. I hear she also has 3 1L$ dresses mixed in with the 100L$ dresses so dig around:)

Look 1
Dress - Ivalde, Grace Cream (100L sale)
Hair - *TRUTH* Rachel - Brunette
Shoes - Shiny Things, Clara Slingback - olive
Skin - (MF) Aylen Medium Natural-Glossy (Marianela - High Quality Skins)

Look 2
Dress - Ivalde, Selma, blue (100L Sale)
Hair - Polished Hair- Renea- Obsidian (HS)
Shoes - Storm_schmooz_noir_desir
Skin - (MF) Aylen Medium Natural-Glossy BlackE (Marianela - High Quality Skins)

This morning I heard about the Marianela skins and just had to try on the demos. OMG I wanted at least 8 of them but I could only afford one:( They are absolutely stunning! The skin has a look of innocence to it (and I do like that sort of look:))

yes, yes, yes - I am 25 in SL...well, sometimes I'm 18...but an adult at all times.

I noticed Storm Schmooz some time back - Such classic sculpted shoes. I plan to wear this brand often. I swear I'm gonna do a blog just about the shoes at this store very soon!

Ah - time for dinner!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

To all you daddy's out there - thank you, thank you, thank you.

When I was little my dad took me to see Pippi Longstocking (i really wanted to see that movie). Of course it was the worst movie ever!! My dad sat through the whole thing and at the end looked at me real innocent like and said - "so you liked this?"

He loved me enough to sit through that awful movie, how could I pop his bubble and tell him I thought the movie was horrible. So I smiled and he smiled and we both had a great day. I was smart enough to know he just wanted to make me happy and spend time with me.

Well I shared a tiny moment of Dad.

So when was the last time your dad did something silly for you?

Dress - Alchemy, Flirty Sky
Hair - ETD Solaera - Blonde (on the freebie wall!)
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Vin 2
Shoes - Maitreya, Slinky Stiletto, white

Saturday, June 14, 2008

This is just a quickie!!

Hair - Aden, Charlize Long
Dress - Kuroi Hane, Gothic Lolita, Misa (woohoo - comes with the socks and shoes!) by Namida Akami.
Skin - :GP: Classic-Vex (from hair fair and made by Gala Phoenix) not in the store yet:(
Lashes - *Sin Skins* Fluff Lashes
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Intense Obsidian Eyes
I think everyone should stop building for the day and go explore. I've already been out and about this morning. Check out some of these sites:

Into the Moonlight - A quiet place of complete beauty, it makes me smile. Sometimes you land on a sim and it just feels right:)

The Beauty of Nature: Waterfalls, Perfect Prefabs Lime

The Magic of Nature - Elven, Fai, Perfect Prefabs Coral

Science School - 33 Sims are a part of the SciLands Community at Second Life. I am using this link because it has an information map of all the sims at the arrival point. You won't see glitz, glam and romantic moments but you will see the wonders of science.

Rec - Creepy

Have you noticed how hard it is to find retro/vintage mix and match stuff? I did find these nifty, retro high waisted shorts. Love them! You can wear them with the wide or standard leg size. It was much harder to find a shirt that would keep the retro look - artilliary to the rescue. Unfortunately most retro stores just don't carry separates.

Last night I watched HairSpray (the newer one with John Travolta) and all the girls were wearing flats! First thing I did when I got on this morning was to search for flats. I wanted basic but very well made.

Shoes - Armidi - Sasche Flats [Espresso] I don't usually get to shop at this sim, they don't carry a lot of vintage:) - but these flats are the best!
Hair - Old Gravy , DarkChyld Brown
Skin - :GP: Classic-Perse, from Skin Fair, Gala Phoenix is the designer - sure wish these skins were in her store - maybe if you ask her nice)
Shorts - [MG fashion] Rita II - shorts (brown) (tons of colors to choose from!)
Shirt - Artilleri, Beatrix *yellow*

Any suggestions? - I am looking for a basic sculptie heel with an ankle strap AND one with a simple T strap - These styles were very popular back in the day. I know I have seen these somewhere...just don't know where.

Well I don't know about you - but I'm looking for a little excitement this weekend!

Till next time:)


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy Busy Day

Real Life is keeping me busy today but I wanted to show this gorgeous late 1950's dress released this week over at Ivalde's. Four incredible colors to choose from. Take a close look at the texture, it's strong but not overpowering.

The waist band shows just the right amount of crinkle and the sculpted sleeves make the dress a stand out. This dress is a winner.

And a big thanks to Beulah Mills who put up with my 20 questions regarding the eras the two new dresses at Ivalde's represent. Inspiration comes from all decades, but it is always good for me to sort them in my closet:)

The hair is a soft sweeping updo. As updo's go it really has a fresh look to it. If you haven't had a chance to make it to Aoharu, please do - this is one to keep an eye on.

Ok, I know my lips are looking a bit big in this photo, but I sometimes have to adjust them depending on which skin I'm wearing. I might have forgotten to unplump them on this one but heck - i do like to wear my lips a bit full in general.

Hair - AOHARU_HAIR_Nikki01d(Black)
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Paon 2
Dress - Ivalde, Bronze

Well, off for some fun!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Places

Thought I would take a little time to check out some dark side places. These are well worth the visit!

Dead End Hospital

Bentham Manor, Haunted Mansion

DarkDharma, Haunted Manor

As for this dress - I am going for a medieval surf look.

The photos do not do it justice. The fabric has a potato sack feel about it. The dress has a nice flow to it and also has nice laces up the sides to give it just the right touch.

It comes with sleeves long or rolled in the box. Due to my AO, the rolled worked much better. This is a working girls dress and I absolutely love it.

I thought what better for this sort of dress than a messy pulled back hairstyle. It is very period appropriate. this is great role play hair!

Dress - ENCHANTED -Eowyn-Refugee gown top(rolled sleeves). It's worth your roleplay weight in gold. Ravenlynn Templar is the designer and she is out of town so we must patiently wait for her.:)

Hair - BP*loose chignon
Skin - minajunk skin Live01Normal

Monday, June 9, 2008

WooHoo For Groups!!!

It SO pays to be in the right groups. I have a huge cheer here for Antonia over at Artilleri - Check out this new group freebie!!!!

It's downright luscious. This texture has the most beautiful shadows. Honestly - the fit is just perfect.

I love the neckline and the little open triangle. The whole suit has a teasing quality to it - love it love it love it!

The hair is called Kate and the color was just perfect. I really do like the custom color Packs at Dernier Cri.

As an example i can buy a 5 pack of this style - I don't have to pick a color right at that moment. Later as I am dressing, I can put on the hair, wear the hud and tap a color.

That hair will then be dyed. Take it off, drop it on the ground ... pick it back up to get the mod permissions. Very simple and very convenient.

Suit - join the Artilleri group and then check out the notices for this yummy treat!
Hair - Dernier Cri,
Skin - minajunk skin (a new skin!) Live01Normal

A Little Something New

A little something new from Marlys - a 1964 German swimsuit. Wow! Bet they sure did get attention wearing these at the beach!

This suit comes complete with the sensor bar (just in case).
Ok ladies - let's find a beach and do the topless thing:)

Swimsuit - Marlys.. The Gernreich Agenda SHARK
Hair - ETD Adrienne - Ebony (I tinted the hair band red)
Skin - *blowpop* Tuesday Honey 4c.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


So what are your SL plans today? I have a few suggestions:

Knysna Forest - A quiet place to walk with a friend.
Kindly State University Campus - for a little fun role play
Chouchou - conveys such beauty and peace

I am putting my energy into textures these days (Photoshop). Honestly, I just wanted to make my own hair textures, but then it seems some sort of ADD kicked in and now I want to dig deeper into the program.

I want to know what how to make the strands not all look so uniform. Right now the texture is straight up and down 90% (from top to bottom). I don't want the hair to look too uniform with up and down streaks. I want more realness to it! Rachel gives a deep sigh and mutters "Practice, practice, practice"

On a different subject check out this outfit. It's Lolita, well it could be ballet I suppose - and very affordable (only $50L) and 5 colors to choose from. I just love all the frilly stuff! The white stockings that came with it were the perfect touch. Note the small white bows at the top of the shoulders - it's all about feeling girlie.

The Mango hair has a certain sensual recklessness that accents a Lolita look and the Gala skin is a 10 out of 10. Skins can really set a mood - this one pulls the whole look together.

Hair - Creamshop, Mango
Skin - :GP: Classic-Sienna (Gala Skins) from skin fair but I don't see it at her store yet:(
Shoes - Shiny Things, Criss Cross ballet flats
Dress - Thedollhouse, Phoebeslove
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Romantic Ocean Eyes

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dressing for Summer

Plans for the day?

Well, I plan to be in my workshop so i wanted something comfortable and a bit summery to wear. I just love these retro shorts. Question is - are they more of the Gidget style of the late 50's OR early 60's? I guess in my mind I see more of the late 50's Sandra Dee on the beach style, so heck let's call this retro 50's.

This very feminine vintage short set comes with 5 different colors bras in the box (olive, blue, pink, red and white)

Hair - *TRUTH* Rachel - Fire (50% off sale - go check it out!)
Shoes - Maitreya - Solace Black
Outfit - Apple May Designs, Vintage
Necklace - WB Dots Retro Necklace by Caroline (oh so easy to just tint to the exact color I wanted! This necklace is a definite keeper)
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Terre 3
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Shy Apple Eyes
Lashes - *Sin Skins* Fluff Lashes