Sunday, June 8, 2008


So what are your SL plans today? I have a few suggestions:

Knysna Forest - A quiet place to walk with a friend.
Kindly State University Campus - for a little fun role play
Chouchou - conveys such beauty and peace

I am putting my energy into textures these days (Photoshop). Honestly, I just wanted to make my own hair textures, but then it seems some sort of ADD kicked in and now I want to dig deeper into the program.

I want to know what how to make the strands not all look so uniform. Right now the texture is straight up and down 90% (from top to bottom). I don't want the hair to look too uniform with up and down streaks. I want more realness to it! Rachel gives a deep sigh and mutters "Practice, practice, practice"

On a different subject check out this outfit. It's Lolita, well it could be ballet I suppose - and very affordable (only $50L) and 5 colors to choose from. I just love all the frilly stuff! The white stockings that came with it were the perfect touch. Note the small white bows at the top of the shoulders - it's all about feeling girlie.

The Mango hair has a certain sensual recklessness that accents a Lolita look and the Gala skin is a 10 out of 10. Skins can really set a mood - this one pulls the whole look together.

Hair - Creamshop, Mango
Skin - :GP: Classic-Sienna (Gala Skins) from skin fair but I don't see it at her store yet:(
Shoes - Shiny Things, Criss Cross ballet flats
Dress - Thedollhouse, Phoebeslove
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Romantic Ocean Eyes

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