Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day in the Kingdom of Sand

Now where would I role play with such an outfit?

I chose Kingdom of Sand.

Once i put on the explorer tag which was provided I teleported to the city - Oh my - the city is stunning. I did wonder - would I be the only woman not in silks?

10 minutes later I found that some were dressed as free women and one or two visitors were dressed as they like - but most were wearing silks. I did not feel out of place at all. As i approached the city - many people were at the entrance (the Sim was almost full). I saw slaves, Masters and Citizens. They greeted me kindly and let me ask tons of questions.

Two of the women, Kalani and Akron were incredibly helpful. I asked if there was any place i should avoid and the answer was the catacombs. they offered to take me there i figured - Why not!!

The journey was long and confusing. Makes me wonder if this was a hidden sort of place, hmm. As we entered I heard sounds in the distance. Sounded like a master handling his slave...we paused and kept moving forward.

Some live in the catacombs...the undead. One seemed to have slipped up from below to investigate us. She seemed a dangerous sort. Kalani and Akros answered her questions and we decided not to go any deeper.

I was not there to just take photos - I was there to explore and poke about. I don't think I've ever entered a roleplay Sim where it was so easy to make friends. For all the folks I met there today, a big Thanks!
As soon as I post this blog I plan to return to the city, perhaps to go deeper into the catacombs by myself.

As for what I am wearing:

I could have worn silks here - but I wanted something more mysterious. I could wear the mask or not - as I could wear the cape or not. This is a very flexible outfit that is beautifully made. The hip part of the tunic is on the skirt layer - so be prepared to wear your system skirt shape. Of course you could choose not to wear the lower tunic and just go with the loose bloomer look. Lots of possibilities here!

The skulpties were very well done and i love the edges of the cape!

For the eyes I wanted something piercing - something that would make a person look twice (since everything else was covered up:)

I also added some simple black stockings from my closet and my Comfy Boots from Shiny Things. I wanted boots with a moccasin feel to them..flats. I wanted the look of an Explorer.

Skin - Marianela Skins - Aylen Medium Natural-Glossy BlackE (one of my favorites!)

Outfit - *SRD* (Silver Rose) WoTBS - Scorpion Tribe II, Teal

Boots - Shiny Things, Comfy Boots

Eyes - [E's] Bubbles - Silver

The cherry on top for me today was this incredible location - roleplay gotta check this one out!

.::Kingdom of Sand::. Capture Roleplay in Fantasy Arabian city

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