Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Places

Thought I would take a little time to check out some dark side places. These are well worth the visit!

Dead End Hospital

Bentham Manor, Haunted Mansion

DarkDharma, Haunted Manor

As for this dress - I am going for a medieval surf look.

The photos do not do it justice. The fabric has a potato sack feel about it. The dress has a nice flow to it and also has nice laces up the sides to give it just the right touch.

It comes with sleeves long or rolled in the box. Due to my AO, the rolled worked much better. This is a working girls dress and I absolutely love it.

I thought what better for this sort of dress than a messy pulled back hairstyle. It is very period appropriate. this is great role play hair!

Dress - ENCHANTED -Eowyn-Refugee gown top(rolled sleeves). It's worth your roleplay weight in gold. Ravenlynn Templar is the designer and she is out of town so we must patiently wait for her.:)

Hair - BP*loose chignon
Skin - minajunk skin Live01Normal

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