Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just a Little RolePlay

I saw this was released at BareRose and just had to have it! Some months back I had this incredible dirty garage as my private skybox. I know....it was a bit wicked, but dang it was awesome. Nothing like getting dirty in Second Life:)

I swear BareRose gives more bang for the buck than any other shop in SL. This outfit comes in 3 colors (all in one box) for only $140L. Amazing. The only part that i decided not to wear was the black undershirt in the box.

About the black undershirt it comes with - When a strap crosses another strap right as it gets to the neck..I swear the visual makes me feel like I'm choking. Honestly, it does work with the outfit..it just makes me feel a bit strangled. Soo...any tank will work with this outfit! If you don't have a good tank in a dozen colors stashed in your closet - you should. They are incredibly handy.

This fun mechanic outfit also comes with the cap which works very well with this hairstyle. I just shifted the bangs back a tad and let the pony tail ride out the back.

Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Mechanic Girl
Shoes - AKEYO, Chucks - worth every penny!
Hair - [Aden] Nicole
Skin - (MF) Aylen Medium Natural-Glossy BlackE (MARIANELA Skins)
Tank - (Iki) Short Tank: White 2 (darn - I can't find them in the store or i would give you the link) Tanks are very easy to find in SL but never buy the fat pack until you have at least bought one first.

Garages make hot roleplay scenes!

Well - time to get dirty:)


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