Saturday, June 14, 2008

I think everyone should stop building for the day and go explore. I've already been out and about this morning. Check out some of these sites:

Into the Moonlight - A quiet place of complete beauty, it makes me smile. Sometimes you land on a sim and it just feels right:)

The Beauty of Nature: Waterfalls, Perfect Prefabs Lime

The Magic of Nature - Elven, Fai, Perfect Prefabs Coral

Science School - 33 Sims are a part of the SciLands Community at Second Life. I am using this link because it has an information map of all the sims at the arrival point. You won't see glitz, glam and romantic moments but you will see the wonders of science.

Rec - Creepy

Have you noticed how hard it is to find retro/vintage mix and match stuff? I did find these nifty, retro high waisted shorts. Love them! You can wear them with the wide or standard leg size. It was much harder to find a shirt that would keep the retro look - artilliary to the rescue. Unfortunately most retro stores just don't carry separates.

Last night I watched HairSpray (the newer one with John Travolta) and all the girls were wearing flats! First thing I did when I got on this morning was to search for flats. I wanted basic but very well made.

Shoes - Armidi - Sasche Flats [Espresso] I don't usually get to shop at this sim, they don't carry a lot of vintage:) - but these flats are the best!
Hair - Old Gravy , DarkChyld Brown
Skin - :GP: Classic-Perse, from Skin Fair, Gala Phoenix is the designer - sure wish these skins were in her store - maybe if you ask her nice)
Shorts - [MG fashion] Rita II - shorts (brown) (tons of colors to choose from!)
Shirt - Artilleri, Beatrix *yellow*

Any suggestions? - I am looking for a basic sculptie heel with an ankle strap AND one with a simple T strap - These styles were very popular back in the day. I know I have seen these somewhere...just don't know where.

Well I don't know about you - but I'm looking for a little excitement this weekend!

Till next time:)


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