Thursday, June 26, 2008

All Dressed Up

I swear this had to have been one of the most difficult photo shoots for me. Even with the Muse Windlight settings, things were not going well. It had to do with the lighting in the club and the fog.... Club owners out there - THE FOG IS OVERRATED!

On the other hand I couldn't get a single photo that did justice to this gown. The bodice is incredibly detailed and worth every linden paid. The sleeves have this puffy translucent quality that whispers romance and the gloves add a classy, sensuous feel to the outfit.

I did not photo the many skirts that come with this dress because there were so many - I selected the two which had the most historical drama for me:) Victorian and well...what is that other look? I've seen it in both movies and pictures but I cant for the life of me pin it down to an exact era.

The hat is gorgeous. When i first set it on my head it felt...big. Don't let that worry you, the big hat look was very popular back in the day. I shrunk it the tiniest bit, and then started looking for just the right hair - Oh my - that was freaking hard! I wasn't about to mod the hat for the hair.

Finally! I put on this soft updo and it was perfect. I did not have to mod the hair(Whew!). I think 2 or 3 very small strands are visible in the back but that's because I had shrunk the hat a bit.

Dress - Nicky Ree - Divine SiSi Combo Gown Antique Purple

Skin - Marianela Skins - (MF) Aylen Medium Dark BlackE (this makeup highlighted the whole look)

Hair - ETD Janae - Black

Hat - Nicky Ree - Divine SiSi Hat V2 -Antique Purple

Jewelry - ~Muse~ The Dauphine set (silver/frost)

Eyes - *Sin Skins* Luminous Pearl Eyes

Oops - Gotta run!


Eurydice Barzane said...

The photos are beautiful! You really did do justice to the gown ~ and the dauphine jewellery from Muse (one of my favourites) complimented the look perfectly.

BTW, I found your blog about a month ago and it's truly wonderful. Your presentation of fashion from a variety of eras is fabulous, and the list of sims/places of interest is invaluable.
I'm off to try the Marianela skins now ~ many thanks! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks eurydice! The compliment made me smile.

I try not to focus on the usual shops and I wish the small shops who designed vintage/roleplay costumes would post announcements in the SL forums. It would make it sooo much easier to find them:)Oh - and they need a photo in the forum too.

If you ever find a travel link that you like and may not be on my list, send it my way... I like to travel:)

thanks again!

CeN said...

I want that dress so bad it hurts.

Hmmm, save up my lala's or bust out the plastic....