Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well, i have to have the most understanding rl husband EVER! He knew how frustrated i had become with my neighbors....and well...he wanted to get me something nice for Christmas.

So the man got me a SIM!!! Yup my very own island:)

Oh my...i have been having sooo much fun with my sl partner (Kairos) setting things up. Right now only a few friends have access - so if you are on my friends list..go take a look. Sure, it may seem large, spread out and messy right now, but it has tons of promise and is a labor of love.

It will be an ongoing project. The furniture store will be open there soon too. The park..will take time to get right. I want it natural, romantic and a bit fantastical.

I have been so lucky this year to have two great men in my life. Oh - and don't get me wrong the two men do know about each other:)) Best guys ever!

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Sad Day for the Park

It's been awhile since i posted. Much of that time was spent building the little winter park.

Unfortunately, a complaint caused me to shut it down. It's a shame - one delusional neighbor felt my snow and plant scripts were somehow being used to grief her.

Oddly enough, she also felt i was building the occasional random box in her "sons" skybox. Well - for those of you who are builders, perhaps you can relate..your happily building away and go to move a random item - next thing you've lost complete control of the sucker. Off it goes, into the wilds of sl. Yup! His home was near my workstation.

Noo kidding - we were spitting distance. That seemed to be another problem for this neighbor. Fact is, i was 700 up...on my own land, and had every right to be there.

The woman has alts harassing me...has randomly crept into my workshop to explore things i am working on without my presence....well - i could go on and on.

What's an avi to do???

My parks will return, I love making them. For the the kind people who were so unhappy to see the park destroyed..thanks, your thoughts made my day:))

In the meantime - I have added Intimate Moments in the Romantic Places column on the rt. You should go visit this lovely place!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I find that in Second Life people and places inspire creativity in me. Recently someone came back into my SL life after a long absense. He truely inspires me.

I could have spent the last few weeks making furniture, but mostly i spent time with this man. So now, due to his presence, I have a Winter Park.

I wanted a natural setting - no dancing snowmen or bright Gingerbread Houses, but a place of romance, peace and quiet. Sure, you might hear a little Christmas music going on, but mostly it is to dance, cuddle, and laugh. And - indeed.... their are a few intimate balls in the park, but heck, it's an intimate sort of park.

Please come and visit it.
Enjoy a few cold winter cuddles:) You will see the listing in the right column as Winter Park (

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What - New PLACES??

Places in the Dark Side will need to be checked. Unfortunately most were only up for Halloween and some are slowly getting a makeover.

For the Winter Holidays!!

Dang:) I just love winter..I'm gonna be all over some new links soon. Meanwhile I see no point in keeping the Halloween ones up unless they are year round. It will be updated by Saturday night..I promise!

I have some ideas for more places to link to.

Places to Build?

I honestly think this would be a short list.

Places for Quality Freebies?

I am also thinking of listing random quality freebies.As an example, I have to say the 4 free dresses from Ivalde for Halloween were absolutely amazing.

My mother always told me if you dress something lowscale (free/cheap) with something high dollar, you would have style with atitude. I rarely wear a it had better be able to compete with high dollar stuff. Maybe that would be the route to go ...hmmm.

I don't know..this category may be very time consuming

Places for Scavenger Hunts?

I was thinking of another short category for scavenger hunts. Gotta love Artillery's Halloween). Artillery had the best scavenger hunt I have ever been to. No cheap free prizes there. Quality stuff right out of her store.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wicked Secrets

I honestly don't try to create drama but,

this past week i have shared a wicked secret with a friend or two. Not a really "bad" secret....we're talking fantasy secrets. Sure, a fantasy is just a fantasy, but at what point do the friends who like and respect you think less of you because something truely wicked pushes all your hot buttons?

I'm not sure what type of reactions i expected.
  1. Would the guy fall into the fantasy roll just to please me? I would hate that.
  2. Would he laugh...could. Ok, yes, I think he laughed
  3. Would it trigger some hot button in him? the preferred reaction of course:)
  4. Would it repulse him...Dammit, honest to god.. this has happened to me before.
  5. Would he still respect me?
Then of course i would have to ask myself how I would react to HIS fantasies. I think guys are more reluctant to share this information. Do they think their fantasies are more perverted than womens? Jeesh...they need to open up. We want to know their hot buttons..

Arg...what to do.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Oh Noooo!

I should have posted this a few days ago..sorry...really really sorry!

Wow – What a great weekend! I thought I would go ahead and do my show-and-tell thing here. The majority of things in my shop were inspired by the real thing!!

First off:

The (4) Art Deco Chairs (Circa 1935) of course come with their own poses. And the beautiful table is a Parzinger style (Circa 1950) This set fit together so beautifully.

This bed reminds me of the shirt Charlie Brown wore in the comics. The Designer was Paul Frankl and the bed is made of Dark Chocolate Brown Mahogany American 1940s. The side tables (Circa 1950s) are also via a Frankl design. What is so dang great is that they are lamps too!!

...and then of course we have:

What would a retro shop be without a 1950's Neo Classical Daybed USA? Simplicity at it’s best.

Now for something special -

A Leather Frame Mirror inspired by Jaques Adnet, France 1940s. (This one is free if you can find it in the store!)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

And For Halloween I'll Be

In Indian!!!

This is one of my favorite outfits in my inventory. Now - off to trick or treat!

By the way - check out that awesome campfire - I swear it's the best in SL. Of course - I made it!! You can find it at Serendipity. 4 couples poses and 4 singles poses in it. This set is gaining notice across the grid. Makes me Happy!

It's located in the yard. And for folks who like to do things their own way - all the logs and such may be bought separately. I even have more logs with different poses scattered in the yard. I just love all the textures:))

Added 4 more places to visit.

Gloomy Sunday

Haunted Isle (I just love it when the neighbors go all out)

Haunted House and Graveyard (this haunted house felt larger than the others) Be sure to follow instructions with your settings.

And my last addition was Eternal Passions (as a small romantic spot). I was torn on this one. It's not tiny tiny..but not a whole sim either. But most important of all - it was perfect.

This weekend RL is going to takeover a bit. When I do get on, I plan to spend time with special friends...and finish a 1950s bedroom set. All these awesome places to explore are distracting me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is it too Long? and CSI

You see it - the links list on the right of the screen. I figured if I was going to visit something other than a Clothing Blog I would want something to keep me coming back, and for me it would be a source. A source for adventure, exploration or romance.

You guessed it - I added another 3

Haunted Halloween - just cuz it's Halloween...Let's celebrate!

Collateral Damage - I just love these kinds of places. Interactive - bring a friend - it's a hoot!

I am Legend - OMG. This is one of those places you get to and wonder why have I never heard of it? It's freakin huge! Be prepared to play:)

And on a completely different topic:

CSI - SL begins tonight. I figure 12 million people watch it. The people who know about these things (*cough*, *cough*), say 75,000 - 100,000 new players could show up in SL (or more).

The CSI audience will be helping to solve a crime...hmmm, this might be worth checking out. We (as players already in the game and not going thru CBS) will need a special HUD to gain access. Yes indeed - I will be checking this out. Their interface will look different from ours.

On a positive note, These folks will enter the game from the CBS web site and go straight to the CSI - Orientation islands. From there NY1 and NY2 will be used. Just go to Search and look for CSI - omg, the islands are breeding over there!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Things to Do

I took a little time last night and added 3 more places for folks to visit.

The Carinsoa Ballroom – I sort of stumbled into this one. Sure – no one was there so it was very private (gotta love that). The music was absolutely perfect. I wanted a date right then!!

Icarus – Why have I never heard of this place? You get there and think…why this place? Well, If your smart, you will explore. I was torn between putting this one in romance or explore.

Virtual Hallucinations – this one definitely fell into the smart category!

Did you notice I didn’t give you a lot of detail? Good – that was my intention. Go explore these things for yourself. I just love when a place is full of surprises.

btw - I make a point of not adding places with camping and sploders.

Monday, October 22, 2007

All Excited!

I heard this weekend that SL will play a part in CSI. How great is that?? Check out YouTube:

And yes - as soon as I figure out how to put the trailer directly into the blog, I will....I promise...really.

This episode will be aired this week on Oct 24th. I expect this mean lots and LOTS of newbs!

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Mentoring Thing

What a busy week this has been!

I tried to spend at least two hours each evening out doing the SL Mentor thing. I went to Ahern to help out and I learned something about new people and their arrival.

Like an idiot I was sitting in the square at Ahern offering help and smiling at all the crazy veterans of SL (and griefers) who like to hang out there. But that is not where I should have been. The square spreads out to four stations. It is within the stations themselves that newbies are dropped.

I honestly don’t think half of them were making it as far as the square before giving up. Many were naked and completely stumped about where to go and how to get there.

So if you really want to help – go to the drop points.

For almost 3 hours last night I was bombarded with their questions. I kept things simple to keep them moving. By the end of the 3 hours – I was exhausted.

The following is what I covered.

  • Do they know how to use the search
  • Give them direction. For this I gave each 2 landmarks. (like “The Free Dove for clothes, and Greenies for fun).
  • Make sure they know how to teleport.

But the most important part was to actually get them into the game. All I can do is hope a mentor is at the freebie places to help them with boxes and such.

Yes, I make sure the naked ones are dressed before sending them out into the game)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Friends and Lovers

I had a great weekend!

I actually posted some stuff under the "New Products" in the forums. Ugg - I procrastinated. Should have done it weeks ago.

I took the weekend off..yup - I did. No building at all, just lots of shopping and exploring.

You might notice all the new links on the right of this page - hey! check em out! They are all good.

You know as much as I seek a friend and lover, maybe it's just not possible in SL..or at the very least unlikely. If the friendship relationship is really strong, and the chemestry is there, should you let it turn into more? Unfortunately, one gentleman believes if we were to become lovers, our friendship would be ruined when we broke up. Wow - this floored me! I took a look into my SL past and paused.

Maybe he is right. Does this mean I should not pursue friendship with someone I want more from? Hmmm..Something to think about.

Oh, check out my awesome Halloween Treat bag. Best treat bag ever!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What did he say??

When a friend first saw this set he only had one word to say..."Boxy" So let's make this clear,this set is not boxy. You can easily see the very subtle curves. This my friend, is a sculpted set.

This sleek, sophisticated set was very popular in the 1970s.

The gentleman's cabinet you have seen before. It has to be my favorite piece. When you get close up to it the detail work shines!

This is a great low prim set!

Serendipity 1960s Wegner sofa & Loveseat
Hans Wegner Sofa Denmark 1960's

Serendipty 1960s Coffee Table/Nakashuma

Serendipity Gentlemen's Chest
Paul Laszlo early 50's Gent's Chest USA

Oh, and of course - that is me doing the Vanna White thing.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Freakin Happy!

Wow - I am soooo excited. My mentor application was approved. I thought someone at the Linden office must have thrown that away months ago. I think I filled out the application maybe..6 or 7 months ago.

So now I wait for the orientation class which will be soon.

But you know, even when I felt the Lindens must have forgotten my request, I still helped people. I like doing it.

I don't even know what the actual qualifications were.. but i am freakin happy!

I am doing my happy dance..yup my hands are in the air woohoo..woohoo - shimmy shimmy - woohoo..woohoo

Monday, October 1, 2007

New This Week

Yup! I made new stuff!

Well, it has been a long week, but i managed to make a few things. This set is simple and classic.

Serendipity 1940s Thornet Armchair A&B

(Thonet Arm Chairs Germany circa 1940s)

Serendipity 1960's Danish Sofa (Inspired buy Jsacs Wexler)

Serendipity 1940s Side Chair (Side Chair in the Style of Jacques Adnet France 1940's)

Serendipity 1960's Circular Shelf (Bert England for John Widdicomb Circular Shelf Unit American circa 1960)

I have had a long and confusing week. Until i can figure out how to put things in words - Go out and explore!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sadly, A Duck is a Duck

It always seems to save time in an SL relationship if in the early..getting to know you phase, you mention what you are looking for in an SL partner. Well, let’s not use that partner word, let’s just call it lover.

Three nights ago I meet a very nice gentleman. I think he was pretty clear about what he wanted.

  • Don’t fall in love
  • He would rather mix SL and RL
  • He does not do exclusive
  • He doesn’t care for southern women

He has left broken hearts behind him because the women were way more emotionally involved than he was. He finds if he is a bit difficult from the beginning with the ladies, they won’t fall too deeply for him. Yup..he said that!

Ok – he was being a good communicator. I am a firm supporter of the theory “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck….it’s a duck”. But oddly enough I liked him and wanted to hear back from him. He made me smile.

Our second conversation the next day also went well, that I lost track of the time.

Third encounter – a slow dance. Ok, so I flirted a little. He did not react well. Well, that’s not true. He didn’t react at all. No whispers, no touching. Hmm….something was off. Then he says it.

He wanted me to admit that I was cheating on my RL husband by being on SL. If not physically, then emotionally. This from a man who knows nothing about my RL, very happy marriage. I stood there like an idiot on the dance ball and let him lecture me. Because, as a southern woman, I didn’t want to be rude. When he was done. I was ALMOST speechless. But I did tell him he was not the one to judge me or my marriage. Then said goodbye.

So what am I looking for in a SL relationship?

  • A friend, and if someday that friend becomes a lover, we all win.
  • SL stays in SL.
  • I do exclusive. *If he requests it. During the "just friendship" thing, of course he does not have to be exclusive
Apparently many men in SL don't care if a woman has multiple lovers. But me? I don't mind if the guy is a little possessive. In fact it can be very sexy.

I would never cheat on a man in SL anymore than I would cheat on my
husband in RL. I like a man who knows what he wants. If he has multiple lovers in SL…he has not found the right lover. He has not cared enough about one woman that he would walk away from all the others. No, SL is not a lifetime commitment, no one expects it to be.
But for a few weeks or months in this place, well, I'm sure you get the idea.


Monday, September 24, 2007

What a great weekend!

I did build 2 beautiful leather chairs, a sideboard and a round shelf - I'll put in the pretty pictures in a day or 2.

So....after all that work i dressed up to go dancing. I am embarrassed to admit I am one of those folks who sits on the side at the ballroom, waiting for someone to ask me to dance. I rarely get asked. But it does give me time to look at all the funny profiles.

Part of my problem is that I tend to be shy about some things and have a very difficult time making the first move.

Anyway, this past weekend I added 5 more links (mostly dance places). Keep in mind...I don't add just any dance place. It has to have great music (no Carpenter's stuff), great atmosphere and great company.

The 1 link that surprised me was Runaround Sue's, a retro 50's sock hop sort of place. A simple dance floor, great music, fun dance balls and it didn't have many people there. That meant no lag! Somehow because there was only me and one other person there...i could be a little less shy. Now I have a place to wear all my retro dresses!

BTW - Funny yelling griefers at Bogart's last night. They made me laugh!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Avi Princess

One upon a time..

There lived an avi with a romantic heart. She was way too naive for her own good. This avi fell for a very kind and patient male avi who had a past. His past was a bit shadowed due to his, shall we say, adventures.

Perhaps the adventurous male avi thought to himself..this one is different. He was good to her and made her smile.

When the gentleman decided to move on, he took a part of her with him. She waited, to see if he would look back, but he never did. She knew he would never return, but she was able to hold tight to the romance.

She made a quilt, lit a small fire and wondered...what really happened.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Dark Side

I made a discovery in SL this past weekend. There may be 2 dark sides.
  1. the odd, amusing, makes you stare with your mouth open while smiling with your eyes dark side.
  2. the "What were they Thinking?" dark side. Not good, not comfortable dark side.
The links I have added are from #1. Mostly because I was too nervous to go look at the #2's. And of course I wouldn't want to scar anyone for life by slapping those links up there without a major warning.

So how did I find the links? Well actually I went to search and under places, typed blood. Then...I realized a grimmer dark side might be out there. Oh, I'm not talking about the vampire blood stuff, nope..I mean darker places. Really, I don't plan to visit the #'2 without a companion.

Anyway - I had a hoot with the fun (but bloody) places. Check them out!

On a positive note, as we get closer to Halloween, I will find lots more. I figure that way, you could have a nice Dark Side theme night.

Haha - had to show this one of me tip toeing...minding my own business.
Dang! Right out of Scooby Doo!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Eeek! I hear voices.

Well i did it. I turned the freaking mic on. Lolz - way too many "Can you hear me?" 's

Most uncomfortable feeling ever!! I unfortunately had a few technical problems with my set up, but it finally started working. I rarely expect to use it..really.

I suppose there will be that random guy who asks if i am really a woman and I'll flip it on for a few minutes. Personally, I think the guys just want to bump up to some RL contact and they use the guy thing as an excuse.

But then again..there could be a few male lesbians out there, maybe i should get the guy to flip on his mic for a sec.

Nawww, lesbians are too smart to play men in SL.

Now for the Fun Stuff

Well after spending waaayyy too long in the workshop, I decided to get dressed up and go to Phat Cat's. I rarely go there because it reminds me of a highschool football game. Have you noticed?

In high school the teenagers dress up and go to the watch the game? nooo They wanted to be seen. To stroll. You know what I am talking about. The teenagers walking up and down the front isles checking each other out...yup, that's what they do.

So I went to Phat Cat's and what do I see? Sure, 8 couples dancing, BUT along the side are omg... way too many avi's just standing about checking each other out (eek!! strolling). Seriously! A few do have some nifty poses so they do look great (in a posing sort of way), but for goodness sake, ask each other to dance!! There are 79 dressed up folks wanting to hook up, but nooo..they want Mr. or Ms perfect to show up and sweep them off there little avi feet.

The nicest funniest people are there, say hello for goodness sake! Oh and although the photo is dark cuz of the midnight hour - take a look at the stroll:

Projects Too!

Well, I almost accomplished everything i wanted to this weekend.

On the left are:
Dining chairs by Tommi Parzinger U.S.A. 1950's

Love the backs of these chairs!! Notice not only the X's but take a look at the way the fabric is attached to the very dark wood. Beautiful, simple and elegant.

Below you will see one of this weekends projects! I love the colors on this one, but the reason the original chair caught my eye was the curve. The texture is a fine, dark red leather. This one has a sensual feel to it. Side Chair in the Style of Jacques Adnet, France, 1940's

Friday, September 14, 2007

Can You Hear Me?

Yay! I'ts Friday, time to make my weekend SL "to do" list.
  • 3 new pieces of furniture
  • Explore the Dark Side of Second Life (and add a few of these links next week)
  • Use voice. Yes, I, Rachel Boram am about to be drug into Voice completely against my will.

Yes, voice. Bet you can hear me sigh halfway across the country. I don't like the idea of voice. There are some things you just can't get across in voice. Typing gives you the freedom to NOT put your foot in your mouth quite as often or as quickly as voice will. Oh, and I am sooo not going to do voice sex. I could never say the things i feel free to type.

But -
1 - For business it is practical
2 - It gives me the opportunity to discreetly eavesdrop.
3 - My RL hubby has decided he wants to use it in SL (but not for sex). Hmmmm...

Oddly enough, Phillip and I don't play SL together. Philip is the love of my RL. He and I play SL separately and are both very happy with that arrangement (but that is another blog).

Anyway since lately someone hurt my feelings and thought I was a guy, i thought I would force my toes into the water. He never suggested voice and although he is no longer on my list and we are no longer in contact, it made me think. 95 % of my time will remain in typing and if this weekend freaks me out, that % will creep up.

Besides - how do you get a shy person to voice? Yup..I'm stressing. I wish this sort of thing was not so difficult for me.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Links and Stuff

To the right you will find all those pretty pink links. I wish I had the time to give detailed descriptions of each and every one. You know, sometimes, as I travel thru Second Life I like the surprises. It adds to the adventure! Sooo, click a link and explore. If a link could have easily fallen into more than one category, I put them where my mood took me.

A Furniture Note:
I have put a beautiful and unusual USA 1950's Paul McCobb Chaise Lounge with Arms in the shop. It has simple, clean lines and is textured in a light brown linen with cranberry trim. Feel free to stop by and take a look! Now I have my eyes on this stunning table with inlay..hmmm, bet I could pull that off.

A Personal Note:
On a personal note, I promise to stop picking on the guys in SL (even if the bad ones deserve it). Well, at least for the rest of this week I will.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ranting - Damn Men!

Ok, I've had it - I'm done with the guys in sl.
What is wrong with being friends first?
Guys just don't get it!!

Exxxxxx - Ex and friend. A very rare exception in sl.
Txxxxxxx - A player who only wants sex, shame he doesn't want a flirty friend.
Sxxxx - BDSM player who doesn't seem assertive enough to keep the conversation rolling. Maybe we could have been friends but I don't feel that's what he's looking for..and he doesn't dance, even when asked.
Dxxxx - New - we were friends for a few weeks. Assertive (I like that). We don't communicate well at all. Wish things could have been different.
Kxxxxx - He will make promises he can't keep and abandon you when you least expect it.

My point is, where the hell are the good guys?

The ones who want to be friends. The ones who want to know you...emotionally, intimately, sexually..and won't give up on you? The ones who will hold you while you vent..and laugh with you.
  • I have tried live music events. All those guys seem to be partnered, have at least 3 ladies listed in their profiles, or are alts. Never date alts!!
  • I have tried really nice men's stores. So... that's where all the hot gay guys are! Except for DE Designs (the Gor and Dom go there)
  • Dance places attract the new guys (and no more newbs for me...ever!)

So I asked Txxxxxxx where to look for the good guys and he said I am looking in all the wrong places. He told me to try guy places like the Space Museum or porno places. ARG!! PORNO places? Suurrree....that's the kind of good guy i want.

If anyone has a suggestion - let me know. I'll check it out. But until then I am not coming out of my workshop.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Darn! Darn! Darn!

The estate manager says I need to remodel this weekend. Guess it can't be helped. I have found a beautiful structure that will give the store a residential feel to it. So wish me luck and please forgive the mess this weekend.

The new store design will reflect the more serious tone of my new projects but i will make room for some fun stuff too. I will also modify the dance floor and keep the little romantic park.

The items above are:
Paul Laszlo Desk USA 1950s
Paul Laszlo U.S.A Circa 1940's
Paul Laszlo U.S.A Circa 1940's/Gentle's Chest

I also wanted to post a picture of some of my most recent projects. I have taken a turn toward the more serious retro designs. The detail work is very important to me and I would love for you to drop by and take a closer look.

These are all reproductions of their era. So if an extra prim would catch just the right sort of curve, I put it in.

But I am also one not to waste prims. If a specific design element does not make or break the design, I will modify it to reduce the prim count.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fun and Bold

I thought it might be a good idea to show a picture or two of some of the things I have created. This little bar would be great for an ice cream, sandwich or coffee shop.

Every piece may be bought separately. And each stool has a different pose, so come check them out!

The Dreaded Profile

So last night was a restless night for me in SL. After starring at lounge fabric for way too long I decided to go to a live music concert or two and unwind.

As I looked about at the interesting attendees, I couldn’t help but look at their profiles. It’s not like I’m nosy or anything….really.

Come on people! Put something in your profiles. It is not that difficult.

But there may be a few things you should avoid in your profile.

These would include:

  • Poetry – You should never have it in your profile. It makes us think you talk like that in your im’s. I’m sure your trying to be all deep and everything but it’s NOT a good conversation starter at all.
  • Quoets – Better than poetry, but only if it’s funny.
  • The most over used profile words ever used – “I won’t bite unless you want me to”. At any one concert with 40 people there, at least 5 of them use that line. No, no, no, it’s not funny.

There are few things I wish people WOULD put in their profiles:

* Their status!

  • “I’m single” Dating is possible!
  • “I just want to have fun and explore” No relationship necessary. They just want cyber.
  • “I don’t date in sl” Never, nope, not going to happen. (Spouse over shoulder)
  • “Can’t you see I have a partner?” Ouch! You forgot to look in their partner box.
  • “OK, maybe not a partner but I am exclusive right now” Wishes their partner would commit.
  • “I might date in a few weeks, but not today” A recent heartbreak, don’t rush them.
  • “just looking for friends” This one does send out mixed signals, for those who like a challenge!
* Where you draw the line.

SL and RL should always remain separate
I am looking to date in RL and SL.

So if you can’t come up with something original for your profile just tell us your SL status and whether you want to keep your two lives separate. As for the rest of your 500 characters, just mention that you're profile challenged. Not only will we forgive you, but it makes us look twice at you. Gotta love the helpless.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Second Life Men

I figure this is sort of in the friend category.

Second Life Men are either:

1 Friends - REALLY just friends. They hear all my bitching:) In turn, they get bitchy (cuz they do) and I let them rant and rave. If they whine or throw a tantrum I like poking at them a bit. A rare friend will come along and he will be a flirty friend. Please see #4.

2 Lovers - WOW - What can you say about this group. Be careful to keep SL and RL very separate. No rl pictures, no rl phone numbers. Any crossover seems to be the beginning of the end of your sl relationship. If the guy is inexperienced, guide him gently (they have fragile egos). Everything is so accelerated in sl, most of these relationships tend to only last about 2 months. Enjoy every moment.

3 Players - They deserve their own Post. REALLY

4 Potential Lovers - (not to be confused with newbs). They are funny, romantic and i love to flirt with them. Sometimes it doesn’t work out……..but sometimes it does:))

5 Newbs - They are just as cute as they can try to help them as much as you can. Yep! You get them skin and hair. If they weren't all so darn sensitve about their shapes a little tweaking of the sliders would sure go along way! Why help the new guys? Because there are sooo many pretty women in SL. Throwing a few good looking guys into the group might lessen the competion for me:))

The most difficult part about helping a new guy would be A) Convincing them you don't want to be a lover. B) Pushing them out of the nest. C) Knowing that in 3 - 4 weeks he will forget you. You would think that once the guy has a little sl experience from all the ladies out there they might drift back and say hello, but no...not gonna happen!

6 The ones that you can't have. They break your heart. This is the one you fell in love with. He could come from any of the above categories. For whatever reason, he decides to leave. Absolutely nothing you can do about it. Maybe a pretty avi distracted him or perhaps RL called. Who knows?

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I hate going into a furniture store and seeing walls of clones, row after row of exactly the same piece. They may have a different texture thrown over the top, but come on...they're all the same.

So, I build furniture. I favor furniture with a retro feel.

This blog is not all about the furniture, it's about:
  • rants and raves
  • adventures
  • friends
  • favorite places
  • not fashion