Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Dreaded Profile

So last night was a restless night for me in SL. After starring at lounge fabric for way too long I decided to go to a live music concert or two and unwind.

As I looked about at the interesting attendees, I couldn’t help but look at their profiles. It’s not like I’m nosy or anything….really.

Come on people! Put something in your profiles. It is not that difficult.

But there may be a few things you should avoid in your profile.

These would include:

  • Poetry – You should never have it in your profile. It makes us think you talk like that in your im’s. I’m sure your trying to be all deep and everything but it’s NOT a good conversation starter at all.
  • Quoets – Better than poetry, but only if it’s funny.
  • The most over used profile words ever used – “I won’t bite unless you want me to”. At any one concert with 40 people there, at least 5 of them use that line. No, no, no, it’s not funny.

There are few things I wish people WOULD put in their profiles:

* Their status!

  • “I’m single” Dating is possible!
  • “I just want to have fun and explore” No relationship necessary. They just want cyber.
  • “I don’t date in sl” Never, nope, not going to happen. (Spouse over shoulder)
  • “Can’t you see I have a partner?” Ouch! You forgot to look in their partner box.
  • “OK, maybe not a partner but I am exclusive right now” Wishes their partner would commit.
  • “I might date in a few weeks, but not today” A recent heartbreak, don’t rush them.
  • “just looking for friends” This one does send out mixed signals, for those who like a challenge!
* Where you draw the line.

SL and RL should always remain separate
I am looking to date in RL and SL.

So if you can’t come up with something original for your profile just tell us your SL status and whether you want to keep your two lives separate. As for the rest of your 500 characters, just mention that you're profile challenged. Not only will we forgive you, but it makes us look twice at you. Gotta love the helpless.

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