Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Second Life Men

I figure this is sort of in the friend category.

Second Life Men are either:

1 Friends - REALLY just friends. They hear all my bitching:) In turn, they get bitchy (cuz they do) and I let them rant and rave. If they whine or throw a tantrum I like poking at them a bit. A rare friend will come along and he will be a flirty friend. Please see #4.

2 Lovers - WOW - What can you say about this group. Be careful to keep SL and RL very separate. No rl pictures, no rl phone numbers. Any crossover seems to be the beginning of the end of your sl relationship. If the guy is inexperienced, guide him gently (they have fragile egos). Everything is so accelerated in sl, most of these relationships tend to only last about 2 months. Enjoy every moment.

3 Players - They deserve their own Post. REALLY

4 Potential Lovers - (not to be confused with newbs). They are funny, romantic and i love to flirt with them. Sometimes it doesn’t work out……..but sometimes it does:))

5 Newbs - They are just as cute as they can be...you try to help them as much as you can. Yep! You get them skin and hair. If they weren't all so darn sensitve about their shapes a little tweaking of the sliders would sure go along way! Why help the new guys? Because there are sooo many pretty women in SL. Throwing a few good looking guys into the group might lessen the competion for me:))

The most difficult part about helping a new guy would be A) Convincing them you don't want to be a lover. B) Pushing them out of the nest. C) Knowing that in 3 - 4 weeks he will forget you. You would think that once the guy has a little sl experience from all the ladies out there they might drift back and say hello, but no...not gonna happen!

6 The ones that you can't have. They break your heart. This is the one you fell in love with. He could come from any of the above categories. For whatever reason, he decides to leave. Absolutely nothing you can do about it. Maybe a pretty avi distracted him or perhaps RL called. Who knows?

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