Monday, September 24, 2007

What a great weekend!

I did build 2 beautiful leather chairs, a sideboard and a round shelf - I'll put in the pretty pictures in a day or 2.

So....after all that work i dressed up to go dancing. I am embarrassed to admit I am one of those folks who sits on the side at the ballroom, waiting for someone to ask me to dance. I rarely get asked. But it does give me time to look at all the funny profiles.

Part of my problem is that I tend to be shy about some things and have a very difficult time making the first move.

Anyway, this past weekend I added 5 more links (mostly dance places). Keep in mind...I don't add just any dance place. It has to have great music (no Carpenter's stuff), great atmosphere and great company.

The 1 link that surprised me was Runaround Sue's, a retro 50's sock hop sort of place. A simple dance floor, great music, fun dance balls and it didn't have many people there. That meant no lag! Somehow because there was only me and one other person there...i could be a little less shy. Now I have a place to wear all my retro dresses!

BTW - Funny yelling griefers at Bogart's last night. They made me laugh!!

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