Thursday, September 13, 2007

Links and Stuff

To the right you will find all those pretty pink links. I wish I had the time to give detailed descriptions of each and every one. You know, sometimes, as I travel thru Second Life I like the surprises. It adds to the adventure! Sooo, click a link and explore. If a link could have easily fallen into more than one category, I put them where my mood took me.

A Furniture Note:
I have put a beautiful and unusual USA 1950's Paul McCobb Chaise Lounge with Arms in the shop. It has simple, clean lines and is textured in a light brown linen with cranberry trim. Feel free to stop by and take a look! Now I have my eyes on this stunning table with inlay..hmmm, bet I could pull that off.

A Personal Note:
On a personal note, I promise to stop picking on the guys in SL (even if the bad ones deserve it). Well, at least for the rest of this week I will.

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