Monday, September 10, 2007

Ranting - Damn Men!

Ok, I've had it - I'm done with the guys in sl.
What is wrong with being friends first?
Guys just don't get it!!

Exxxxxx - Ex and friend. A very rare exception in sl.
Txxxxxxx - A player who only wants sex, shame he doesn't want a flirty friend.
Sxxxx - BDSM player who doesn't seem assertive enough to keep the conversation rolling. Maybe we could have been friends but I don't feel that's what he's looking for..and he doesn't dance, even when asked.
Dxxxx - New - we were friends for a few weeks. Assertive (I like that). We don't communicate well at all. Wish things could have been different.
Kxxxxx - He will make promises he can't keep and abandon you when you least expect it.

My point is, where the hell are the good guys?

The ones who want to be friends. The ones who want to know you...emotionally, intimately, sexually..and won't give up on you? The ones who will hold you while you vent..and laugh with you.
  • I have tried live music events. All those guys seem to be partnered, have at least 3 ladies listed in their profiles, or are alts. Never date alts!!
  • I have tried really nice men's stores. So... that's where all the hot gay guys are! Except for DE Designs (the Gor and Dom go there)
  • Dance places attract the new guys (and no more newbs for me...ever!)

So I asked Txxxxxxx where to look for the good guys and he said I am looking in all the wrong places. He told me to try guy places like the Space Museum or porno places. ARG!! PORNO places? Suurrree....that's the kind of good guy i want.

If anyone has a suggestion - let me know. I'll check it out. But until then I am not coming out of my workshop.

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