Friday, September 14, 2007

Can You Hear Me?

Yay! I'ts Friday, time to make my weekend SL "to do" list.
  • 3 new pieces of furniture
  • Explore the Dark Side of Second Life (and add a few of these links next week)
  • Use voice. Yes, I, Rachel Boram am about to be drug into Voice completely against my will.

Yes, voice. Bet you can hear me sigh halfway across the country. I don't like the idea of voice. There are some things you just can't get across in voice. Typing gives you the freedom to NOT put your foot in your mouth quite as often or as quickly as voice will. Oh, and I am sooo not going to do voice sex. I could never say the things i feel free to type.

But -
1 - For business it is practical
2 - It gives me the opportunity to discreetly eavesdrop.
3 - My RL hubby has decided he wants to use it in SL (but not for sex). Hmmmm...

Oddly enough, Phillip and I don't play SL together. Philip is the love of my RL. He and I play SL separately and are both very happy with that arrangement (but that is another blog).

Anyway since lately someone hurt my feelings and thought I was a guy, i thought I would force my toes into the water. He never suggested voice and although he is no longer on my list and we are no longer in contact, it made me think. 95 % of my time will remain in typing and if this weekend freaks me out, that % will creep up.

Besides - how do you get a shy person to voice? Yup..I'm stressing. I wish this sort of thing was not so difficult for me.

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