Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is it too Long? and CSI

You see it - the links list on the right of the screen. I figured if I was going to visit something other than a Clothing Blog I would want something to keep me coming back, and for me it would be a source. A source for adventure, exploration or romance.

You guessed it - I added another 3

Haunted Halloween - just cuz it's Halloween...Let's celebrate!

Collateral Damage - I just love these kinds of places. Interactive - bring a friend - it's a hoot!

I am Legend - OMG. This is one of those places you get to and wonder why have I never heard of it? It's freakin huge! Be prepared to play:)

And on a completely different topic:

CSI - SL begins tonight. I figure 12 million people watch it. The people who know about these things (*cough*, *cough*), say 75,000 - 100,000 new players could show up in SL (or more).

The CSI audience will be helping to solve a crime...hmmm, this might be worth checking out. We (as players already in the game and not going thru CBS) will need a special HUD to gain access. Yes indeed - I will be checking this out. Their interface will look different from ours.

On a positive note, These folks will enter the game from the CBS web site and go straight to the CSI - Orientation islands. From there NY1 and NY2 will be used. Just go to Search and look for CSI - omg, the islands are breeding over there!

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